Vaccinations Before And During Pregnancy

Vaccinations Before And During Pregnancy

28 Nov 2022 | 1 min Read

Dr Shaveta

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A lot of women have questions about; whether vaccinations are safe to take during pregnancy, which vaccines should be taken, when should they be taken, and so on.

Vaccines are important to take during pregnancy as they provide protection to the mother as well as the fetus. Live vaccines that provide protection against diseases or infections are to be given before pregnancy. These live vaccines include vaccination against chickenpox, measles, and rubella.   These vaccines should be taken when planning a pregnancy.

Women when they get vaccinated against chickenpox are advised to not get pregnant for about 3 months. Also, the women who get themselves vaccinated against rubella should avoid getting pregnant for about 1 month. Rubella vaccination is a must to take when planning a pregnancy because once a woman gets infected by this virus when pregnant it might lead to congenital defects, heart defects, brain defects, hearing defects, termination of the pregnancy, etc.

During pregnancy, there are 2 important vaccines that must be taken i.e tetanus and flu vaccine. Tdap vaccine help prevent your baby from Diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.

Additionally, vaccinations should be taken as per the infections prevalent in the area or location you reside in.