7 Ways To Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer

7 Ways To Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer

28 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read

Sayani Basu

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The hot and sultry summer is here and all mothers feel concerned about keeping their babies sufficiently cool when temperatures rise. Hot and humid weather is nobody’s friend, and it’s certainly not your baby’s. 

Babies are unable to regulate their body temperatures the way adults can. This makes them prone to overheating.

Overheating is incredibly uncomfortable for your little one. It can also increase your baby’s risk for heat rash and even sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Hence, it is important to keep an eye on your baby to make sure that they’re at a comfortable temperature.

Are you looking for ways to keep your baby cool in hot weather? We have listed down some steps for you to keep your baby comfortable.

How To Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer

Follow these steps to keep your baby cool this summer:

  1. Stay out of the sun: This is the most effective way ever as your baby is extremely sensitive to heat.

Since the little one’s immune system is in the development stage, they are not able to regulate their core body temperature. So, you must keep your baby covered whenever you go out.

One of the best ways to keep your baby out of direct sunlight when you need to step out of home is a baby stroller. Some strollers come with an adjustable sun canopy (shade) that gives the best protection to your baby.

Try to opt for cotton loose-fitting clothes and avoid fussy clothes like frilly frocks and the ones with too many strings and buttons. | Image Source: pexels

  1. Dress your baby comfortably: Loose-fitting, comfortable and lightweight cotton garments are best for your baby not only during summer but otherwise too.

Avoid dressing your baby in clothes made of synthetic fabrics. Cotton clothes suit babies’ tender skin.

You can also go for a light onesie during the summer months for your little one. Try to avoid fussy clothes like frilly frocks and the ones with too many strings and buttons.

  1. Ensure your little one is hydrated at all times: Ensuring that your  baby stays hydrated, particularly during the year’s warmest months is most important. This applies to the mums too.

Since, it is not advisable to give water to babies below six months of age, you should offer them breastmilk or formula more often. For babies older than six months of age, you can offer sips of water frequently.

If you are bottle-feeding or weaning, make sure your baby drinks plenty of cooled boiled water.

  1. Give your baby sponge baths: Giving your baby sponge baths can be a quick and effective way to keep them cool.

Rather than using a conventional sponge that contains plastic, you can try an all-natural, non-toxic sea sponge, which contains healthy sea minerals, that nourishes your baby’s skin. 

  1. Apply talc-free powder: An essential part of your baby’s skincare routine during the sultry summer is a talc-free powder.

It absorbs moisture, keeping those chubby folds dry without the use of harmful talc. Besides, it refreshes and protects your little one’s skin, leaving it soft, supple, and cool without clogging the pores.

You can use cotton sheets for your baby’s bedding as these would assure a soft touch against the little one’s skin. | Image Source: pixabay 

  1. Use cotton linens for baby’s bed: You can also use cotton sheets for your baby’s bedding. Try to avoid waterproof or synthetic mattress protectors as these tend to heat the baby’s body.
  1. Use a clip-on stroller fan: Using a clip-on stroller fan can also be a great idea. When you’re outside, you can keep your baby cool with his/ her very own fan. You can just attach it to your baby’s stroller. It is an excellent idea for travelling with your baby in summer.

In addition to these, you can use a baby-safe sunscreen that will give your little one the sun protection he/ she needs.

We hope that this article has answered your question. “how to keep my baby cool in summer”? 

It’s not easy to beat the heat, especially when you’re outside. Plus, with a baby on board, you would want to take added precautions while spending time outside your house. But does that mean that you can’t enjoy the warm weather? Surely not.

Follow the tips that are listed above to keep your baby cool in summer. We are sure that it will all be smooth sailing!

DISCLAIMER: We have taken steps to check the accuracy of information & practices shared above; however, it is not a replacement for a doctor’s opinion. Please check with either your doctor, or an expert, before trying any suggestion, practice, or medication mentioned here.

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