8 Ways To Save Money On Diapers

8 Ways To Save Money On Diapers

28 Jul 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

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A newborn needs about eight to twelve diapers a day and diapers don’t come cheap. However, you can save money on diapers with the following tips.

Make sure you use natural wipes to clean your baby before each diaper change.

8 Hacks To Save Money On Diapers

1. Look for Sales

Buying on sale is an easy way to save money on diapers and wipes. From large retailers to local pharmacies, look for their sales and purchase diapers on sale to save big. You can even sign up for email alerts for sales from different stores so that you don’t miss out on saving. 

2. Be Slow to Switch Sizes

The bigger the diaper size, the more expensive it gets as there are fewer diapers in the package. Diapers have suggestions based on the weight per size. For instance, your baby uses size 2 diapers but as per the package recommendation, it says that your baby needs size 3. If there are no leaks in size 2 diapers and it’s working fine for your baby, you can continue to stick to the smaller size until there are a lot of leaks or it doesn’t fit your baby. 

diapers on sale
A mix of both cloth diapers and disposable diapers can be a way to save money on baby diapers / Credit – Pexels

3. Use Cloth Diapers

You need not switch to cloth diapers 100% but what you can do is use them when you’re indoors. This will not only save money on diapers but it is also an environment-friendly alternative. However, you’ll initially have to spend on detergent for laundry. This is a good alternative for those who are ready to do the extra laundry.  home and disposables when out and about.

4. Learn the Unit Price

Simply go on your phone’s calculator and divide the diaper package cost by the number of total diapers inside the package. This will let you know the unit price of the diaper and then you can compare the same with other diaper brands. This way you can also figure out whether a certain box of diapers that’s on sale is a good bargain or not. If it is economical compared to other diaper brands, just stock it up.

5. Buy Diapers in Bulk

If you’re not able to track sales and get coupons for any reason, consider buying in bulk. Go to all sorts of stores from the big ones to the local ones for the best deal. Don’t forget to calculate that unit price to ensure you’re getting the best deal. However, when buying large quantities of diapers, keep in mind that your baby will be growing and try not to buy excessive quantities of a particular size.

diapers on sale
Whenever possible, buy diapers on sale and stock them up so that you don’t run out of them and are also able to save big / Credit – Pexels

6. Stockpile

One mistake that many parents do is waiting to buy diapers only when they need them. Not only do the diapers cost more, but they also end up buying the wrong size at the last minute. When you can save money, what’s the point of paying full price on diapers? Make a dedicated space in your wardrobe for hoarding up large quantities of diapers when they are on sale.

7. Throw a Diaper Shower

This tip to save money on diapers is great for first-time parents. Instead of a traditional baby shower, organise a diaper shower and tell the guests that you are only going to accept diapers as gifts. This idea will save you those emergency trips for diapers.

8. Buy Online

With its ever-growing popularity, the world of e-commerce has multiple options and deals. You can visit different websites and apps and pick the diapers that are at the lowest price.

With these tips, you can save money on diapers and become a smart diaper buyer.

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