5 WFH Opportunities For New Mums

5 WFH Opportunities For New Mums

28 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 500 Articles

Staying at home after motherhood can get overwhelming if you had a busy professional life before this journey. In the post-pandemic period, WFH opportunities in India have been on the rise more than ever.

So if you are someone who wants to take care of your child by staying at home instead of opting for daycare, there are plenty of work from home options. You can earn some money while also developing your career

Read on for five such trending options that you can give a try based on your interest and skills.

5 Work From Home Jobs For New Mums

1. Social Media Manager

With one of the highest number of people joining social media in India in the year 2019-20, it is undoubtedly at its peak. 

This role is suitable for those mums who are creative and also have good writing skills. The role requires planning the social media posts, while incorporating fresh content in the respective industry. The manager is also responsible for coming up with content strategies, planning digital campaigns and analysing the data of the users engaging on the platforms. 

Thus, it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends in social media and keep the engagement rate high. 

2. Education Software Technical Trainer

Work from home roles let mums manage time for child care and career when done right / Credit – Pexels

This role is best if you have technical knowledge but it completely depends on the job requirement and you might receive training too. In this role, you will be dealing with students who are willing to pursue or are already pursuing a technical syllabus.

Thus you need to be good at logical reasoning and have an in-depth knowledge of the subject you choose to teach. You will be required to lead a team of fellow trainers and create training documents, job aids, and videos and conduct training webinars as per the need.

3. Telecalling

Telecalling roles can have closing deals, after-sales service and more that can be done part-time from home / Credit – Pexels 

This job profile mainly requires you to have strong interpersonal skills as you deal with people. Depending on the role, you will require the ability to successfully close sales deals. 

Strong analytical skills and the ability to come up with solutions for complex situations are required as the process can be dynamic. Negotiation skills and relationship building skills along with the industry knowledge of the business are also needed. Another major skill is having good telephone etiquette.

Typically, telecalling roles require maintaining records, closing sales, acquiring new customers or providing after-sales service. An experience in MS Office is also generally needed. 

4. Online Teaching Job

This is one of the best work from home jobs for mums in India as it requires you to devote fixed hours to the classes. If you have good spoken English and like tutoring, you can opt for this option. 

It can be challenging and enjoyable while it helps you hone your language skills. Teach children English grammar or any other subject you specialise in. 

To be an online instructor, you need to have a clear understanding of the video recordings and learn about screen recordings as well. You also will be required to refer to other online sources to record your lecture. Additionally, you need to save these lectures and share and distribute them among the learners.

5. Marketing Consultant

Marketing jobs are great for those inclined towards creativity and branding / Credit – Canva

The job of a marketing consultant is to help a brand have a clearly defined target group. It is also commonly referred to as the brand strategist role and requires marketing the product or services to the target customers.

It also requires creative and professional ways to reach out to the target group. Furthermore, you need to work closely with the marketing team and help the brand come up with a marketing strategy. 

Creativity and analytical skills are also important to keep yourself on top of things. This field is high in demand and competitive. Moreover, the brainstorming sessions and planning make the work enjoyable. 

Other WFH opportunities in India for new mums include graphic designing, content writing, travel itinerary planning and business process consultant. 

Besides these jobs, you can also turn your passion or skills into a part-time job. For instance, if you are good at cooking or have learnt any art or craftwork, you can try converting them into a business. 

Choose a work from home job depending on the number of hours you can invest and how you can take care of yourself and your baby. 











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