What Causes Heavy Vaginal Discharge And How Should You Deal With It

What Causes Heavy Vaginal Discharge And How Should You Deal With It

17 Aug 2022 | 6 min Read

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You already know that it’s normal to have vaginal discharge. In fact, experts consider regular vaginal discharge as a sign of a healthy reproductive system. But despite being a common occurrence, vaginal discharge can bring discomfort to women. This is because the amount and consistency of the discharge change throughout the menstrual cycle, meaning – that on some days women experience light or no discharge, and on others, they have a heavy fluid discharge which makes them uncomfortable and annoyed.

So what causes heavy vaginal discharge? Should you be worried about your discharge at any point? We’ve curated an all-in-one guide that describes everything about your vaginal discharge, its causes, and methods to cope with it. 

What Is Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is white or clear in colour and is made up of mucus or dead skin cells of the vagina

Vaginal discharge is a white and clear fluid that comes out of the vagina. It is made up of mucus and dead skin cells, and plays a key role in cleaning and lubricating your intimate area. The discharge from the vagina is considered a normal and healthy bodily function. Additionally, vaginal discharge has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help remove bacteria and protect the vagina.

What Is Healthy Vaginal Discharge

While there is no blanket measurement of discharge, women should still be aware of how much of it is normal and healthy. 

The quantity of discharge varies from one woman to another. Having an off-white, cloudy, watery, or thin discharge regularly is considered perfectly normal. In some cases, you may also have red, brown, or black discharge at the end of your menstrual cycle. Don’t worry, it’s normal and is caused by residual blood from the uterus.

However, what’s considered abnormal is having an excess vaginal discharge or not having any form of vaginal discharge at all. 

What Are The Major Causes Of Heavy Vaginal Discharge

Some of the major causes of vaginal discharge include ovulation, infection, or bacterial growth

You will notice that your vaginal discharge varies based on the stage of your menstrual cycle. Apart from that factors like infections or indulging in sexual activity can also have an impact on your discharge.

Here are some of the common causes of heavy vaginal discharge:

  • Ovulation: You must have noticed that your vaginal discharge increases during the days leading to your ovulation. This is because, during ovulation, the body produces more oestrogen, a hormone responsible for the regulation of the female reproductive system. An increase in oestrogen levels leads to high cervical fluid discharge (gel-like liquid), and you experience a heavy discharge.

  • Hormonal imbalances: An imbalance in your hormonal level is common during your menstrual cycle. It can occur due to various reasons such as stress, diet changes, and an underlying medical condition.

A fluctuation in your hormonal levels can also affect vaginal discharge. Also, if you suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), you are likely to have heavier fluid discharge.

  • Vaginitis: This condition occurs due to an infection or irritation, and leads to the inflammation of the vaginal walls. Vaginitis causes thick and heavy vaginal discharge and is usually white, grey, yellow, or green in colour. If you notice a greyish or yellowish discharge, make sure to consult your doctor.

  • Yeast infection: Yeast infections in the vagina result from the overgrowth of a fungus named Candida. Apart from heavy vaginal discharge, the most common symptom of this infection is excessive itching in the vagina and vulva.

  • Arousal: Sexual arousal triggers several physical responses in the body. It also increases blood flow to the genital areas. This results in the enlargement of the blood vessels, which pushes fluid to the surface of the vaginal walls. The discharge during this time is watery and slippery in texture. It also helps lubricate the vagina for sex.

Tips For Dealing With Heavy Vaginal Discharge

Do you find it challenging to deal with heavy vaginal discharge? Don’t worry, you got your back! Here are some simple steps to take on days when your discharge is slightly on the heavier side:

  • Wear cotton panties: Cotton panties are designed with soft and breathable materials that allow ample airflow to your vagina. It also reduces the chances of skin irritation and infection.

Panty liners help you deal with heavy discharge and can be worn every day to combat the wet and uneasy feeling

  • Use panty liners: Panty liners are just like sanitary pads, but much lighter and thinner. They are extremely helpful in absorbing daily vaginal discharge and keep you away from the uncomfortable wet feeling. Use a panty liner that has a soft and breathable surface, and is designed with quick-absorbing materials, such as Sirona’s ultra-thin panty liners

Sirona’s panty liners are available in large and small sizes and offer protection for about eight hours. They are perfect for daily use and also come in handy for women suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. They are specially designed with ultra-soft materials to give you a no-wear feel and have a functional design to give you wider coverage. Use these panty liners if you have frequent heavy discharge.

  • Avoid using scented intimate products: Using fragranced feminine hygiene products can affect your vagina’s normal pH balance and cause heavy fluid discharge. Moreover, most scented products contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your vaginal skin.

  • Keep your intimate area clean and dry: Use a mild intimate wash to cleanse your vagina. Make sure to use a plant-based intimate wash that soothes your vaginal skin and protects you from infections. After cleansing, pat it dry with a soft towel. 

  • Wipe correctly: Most of us wipe from the back to the front after using the washroom. However, be informed that this method is incorrect, and you should actually be wiping from front to back to prevent vaginal infections and bacterial growth.

Heavy vaginal discharge is not uncommon and happens to all women at some point in their life. Most times, this can be coped with using simple methods such as wearing panty liners and soft, breathable clothes. However, if you notice excessive itching, a burning sensation, or a foul odour with your discharge, consult your doctor immediately.



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