Why This Pregnancy Bloating?

Why This Pregnancy Bloating?

28 Nov 2022 | 2 min Read

Seema Bhatia

Author | 29 Articles

Just like lower back pain, increased urination, and morning sickness, experiencing bloating during early pregnancy is common. Bloating during pregnancy is often seen with gas and constipation.

The main reason behind bloating during pregnancy is your hormones. The increase in the progesterone levels in the body to support the pregnancy leads to a disturbance in the digestive system.

Progesterone tends to relax the muscles in the body including the muscles present in the digestive tract. When these muscles present in the digestive tract get relaxed, the digestion slows down leading to bloating, gas, burping, and feeling uneasy in the stomach.

Secondly, the expanding uterus also tends to crowd the abdominal cavity. This leads to slowing down digestion, making you feel pressure on your stomach, feel bloated after meals, and feel heavy. Due to this slowing down of digestion, you start experiencing constipation and occasional heartburns.

Lastly, your diet and the type of foods you eat during pregnancy also lead to bloating and gas. Consuming excess gassy foods during pregnancy can increase bloating due to slow digestion.

Certain vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, and brussels sprouts can increase bloating. Whole grains, beans, and certain starchy foods can be difficult to digest and lead to bloating. Women who are lactose intolerant can experience gas and bloat on consuming dairy products. For such lactose intolerant individuals may also experience diarrhea and stomach pain along with bloating.

Too much consumption of fried foods and high-fat foods leads to gas production causing bloating. Having heavy meals and overeating during pregnancy also contributed a lot to bloating and gas production.

Most of the women avoid having sodas, caffeine, sugary drinks, and alcohol, but these items also contribute to bloating if consumed.

Where bloating is inevitable during pregnancy, you can always avoid things that can contribute to it in order to manage it better.

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