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Providing 31 pre natal classes in Andheri East, Mumbai, BabyChakra helps you prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. Prenatal and birthing classes help you deal with your pregnancy, upcoming labour and birth with the right guidance. They also serve as a social platform to meet other parents-to-be. Select from 173 reviews and 219 recommendations preferred by parents like you. Prenatal classes include a plethora of activities including information on child birth, massage skills, breathing techniques, breastfeeding workshops. These classes let you acquire skills and confidence needed to make birth a positive experience. The most recommended prenatal classes in Andheri East, Mumbai include Dr Riddhi Chandarana Kataria - Fit For Birth, Dr Jinal Thosani Shah, FabMoms. Pregnancy classes in Andheri East, Mumbai As new parents to be there is no doubt that you and your partner must be excited to welcome a new baby. Preparation list for clothes, toys, bed etc must be taking all your time. But I bet, that during those quiet snack times, you must be secretly worrying about the D-day. What will labour pains be like? How will I know that my water broke? How soon do I need to reach the hospital once the water breaks or labour pains begin? What should hubby darling do at this time? Many more such questions could be running through your mind. To quell those fears educating yourself on can go a long way in boosting your confidence. This is where pregnancy classes come in. What are pregnancy classes? Pregnancy classes are basically like tuitions. They prepare you or at least get you as close as you can to giving birth. Not many maternity hospitals conduct pregnancy or birthing classes, but you can check out what is available in your locality. Pregnancy classes can differ in their philosophy and hence differ in focus as well. Nevertheless they all provide valuable lessons for labour, delivery and postpartum. While some train expecting moms and dads in medication-free methods of pain management, others are taken early on where the focus is more on the changes that an expecting mom undergoes throughout the pregnancy. How to Find Birthing Classes Unless you have done enough research about what kind of pregnancy class you want to take it is going to be a task zeroing down on the one that suits your needs and expectations. Get all the help you need, speak to your obstetrician/ gynecologist, family doctor, or a midwife. As you announce your pregnancy, you will be showered with words of advice, so speak to friends, family members, and acquaintances. Some places where you could enquire about pregnancy classes are hospitals, pregnancy centers, and birth centers, You can also take some courses by using books or DVDs in the comfort of your own home. But ensure to speak to your doctor before going ahead with the DIY bit.