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7 Chakra Set


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7 Chakra set includes: 1. Red Jasper: For Root Chakra 2. Carnelian: For Sacral Chakra 3. Yellow Aventurine : For Solar Plexus Chakra 4. Green Aventurine: For Heart Chakra 5. Lapis: For Throat Chakra 6. purple Amethyst 7.Clear Quartz: Crown Chakra 1. Lie down in a quiet and comfortable place.   2. Place the crystals on chakra positions as per the above table and picture on your body. (Place on the clothes we are wearing.  For the Crown/Sahasrara chakra  ‐  Place it above your head on the yoga mat/pillow). 3. You can lie down for 15‐20mins, mentally focusing on each chakra, with the intent that the crystal is healing your chakra. 4. Also can run the audio of 7chakraguidedmeditation audio created by The K Junction. 5. Also can chant the Beeja mantras if you are comfortable.   A perfect place for people looking for chakra cleansing, root chakra healing. throat chakra and other healing stones available as a part of 7 chakra stones. throat chakra healing. Collection of all chakras available. chakra in hindi. human chakras help in heart chakra healing. chakra system. chakra can help in your meditation.

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