What You Need To Know About The Second Prenatal Visit

What You Need To Know About The Second Prenatal Visit

You’ve probably been waiting impatiently for this second check-up, since you have tons of questions to ask your doctor by now! You are also anxious to know how your baby is doing, right? Well, here goes...

You will be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler during your second month’s prenatal visit. Hearing the lub-dub of your baby’s heartbeat from inside your womb, for the very time is obviously going to be exciting!

This experience will also be very reassuring for you, of your baby’s health. Smile mommy, your baby’s heart has begun to beat!

Your doctor will now examine your abdomen by palpitating. This helps her/him to ascertain the size and height of the uterus. The height of the uterus can give a fairly accurate indicator of the gestation age.

If you have been experiencing nausea and are finding it difficult to hold down food, your doctor will give you nutrition advice or refer you to a prenatal nutrition counselor. The nutrition expert will help you choose foods that suit you and are needed for optimum growth of your growing baby in Trimester one.

You will also have a weight and blood pressure check and these will be recorded in your file. Remember to carry the file along, each time you visit your doctor.

Your doctor will recommend some basic blood and urine tests. These include tests for complete blood count, thyroid, sugar levels, HCG levels, a check for infectious viruses, thalassemia etc. Make sure you have all these tests done and have the reports ready for your next appointment.

Remember to ask any questions that you may have and make sure you clear all your doubts.

Another important thing to remember; if your husband missed the first prenatal visit then make sure you take him along for this one, it will help him bond with you and the baby.


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