What You Need To Know About The Third Prenatal Visit

What You Need To Know About The Third Prenatal Visit

7 Dec 2016 | 1 min Read

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The third month is that glorious month when you start to feel pregnant! You can probably even feel a small little bump near your lower abdomen.

During this month’s prenatal check-up, your doctor will examine your abdomen and again measure the size and height of the uterus.

You will, as a custom have your weight and blood pressure recorded on your card or file.

The doctor will also go through all your previous blood and urine test reports and discuss them with you. If there are any concerns with regard to your pregnancy, then your doctor will offer suitable suggestions and treatments.

A timeline of future tests like ultrasound, genetic testing, amniocentesis etc. will be discussed at this stage.

Your doctor will also check if you are facing any particular discomforts and offer suggestions on how you can deal with them.


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