What You Need To Know About The Seventh Prenatal Visit

What You Need To Know About The Seventh Prenatal Visit

D-day is now approaching fast, so from this month on, you will be seeing your doctor every fifteen days till week 35.

Your doctor will as usual record your weight and blood pressure reading. She/he will examine your abdomen for the size and height of the uterus. You will also hear your baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler.

The position of your baby in the uterus will also be noted. Most babies are in the head down position by the seventh month. If your baby isn’t, then you may be asked to do some exercises to help encourage the baby to come into a favorable position.

Your doctor will also examine you for swelling or fluid retention as these are early warning signs of preeclampsia (a condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and fluid retention). You will be asked to report any rashes or skin irritations as these could signify a liver function concern.

If you have been gaining weight rapidly, then your doctor will discuss your diet and will make suggestions on how you can control weight gain.

If you have an ultrasound, you will only be able to see your baby in parts since your baby is now quite big.

Your doctor might suggest that you take an Omega-3 supplement from this month to ensure that you are get enough for optimum development of your baby’s brain.

Make sure that you ask a lot of questions and clear all your doubts. Its best to stay well informed!


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