How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 33

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 33

10 Jan 2017 | 3 min Read

Sonali Shivlani

Author | 235 Articles

Your baby now looks very much like s/he will look at birth and most of her/his features are well formed. S/he now weighs about 2 kilos and is well over 17 inches. Weight gain is rapid now on, so your baby looks fuller and no longer alien-like. Your pregnancy week by week progress is looking perfect!

Your baby might now assume the birth position and is most likely in the head down position. The head is heavy and hence as a natural process, tends to turn towards gravity.

In your pregnancy week by week chart, you might want to start discussing labor pain management options with your doctor this week, to understand the pros and cons of  the options and facilities available at your medical center.

Try and explore some natural pain relief options like breathing, labor positions, positive affirmations, visualization, aromatherapy, massage or just plain distraction. Most natural pain relief options can be very effective during labor; they just need a little practice!


Signs and Symptoms

The head down position might put increased pressure on your pelvis and you might feel a stretchy sensation in the lower abdomen.

For some expecting women, the sticky whitish discharge from the breasts or colostrum, might appear now.

You might feel more tired as you approach full term and this could leave you feeling frustrated. Take as much rest as you can now as you will need all the energy you can in the coming weeks.


Physical Development

The baby’s head in the pelvis could interfere with your gait and you might start waddling. Continue to wear sturdy footwear and be extra careful when using the stairs.


Emotional Development

You might be feeling pressurized to have a normal delivery. As you progress week by week into your third trimester, the thought of labor pain might be terrifying you. At times, you might even wish to have a planned C-section to escape delivery pains.

Remember, recovery after a C-section can be painful too. Though normal delivery is preferred, is important that you be positive and flexible whatever be the case. In the end, it is your and your baby’s well-being that matters.


Red Flags

If you feel pain in the groin area, especially when you turn sides while sleeping, report it to your doctor as well as your prenatal exercise instructor. In some women, the pubic bones expand a little more than usual and this can cause a lot of discomfort. It is not a cause for panic but it does require a change in your exercise routine.


Old Wives Tales

Many cultures dictate that the expecting woman’s mother cannot be a part of labor and birth. It is said that if the mum-to-be’s mum is told when her daughter goes into labor, it can result in bad luck for her. You may hear such tales as you progress in your pregnancy week by week. There is no truth to this. However, it is important that you only take those you’re absolutely comfortable with you in the birthing room.


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