Holi Themed Hands On Activities For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Holi Themed Hands On Activities For Toddlers & Preschoolers

7 Mar 2017 | 6 min Read

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Holi hai!!! Kids love listening to the story of Holi, painting, colours, messing up with fun activities, and getting their hands dirty, which is why they are fond of the Holi celebration. Holi is a festival of joy and colours, and here comes this time to share the excitement of the celebration with your kids. It’s time to splatter in a rainbow of colours and enjoy with an infectious excitement that everyone can’t help but participate in, even your kids! So, let them enjoy the festival of colour with these fun Holi activities for kids and make the most of the celebration. 

Holi Activities for Kids

Holi activities for preschool

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Your kids will indeed look forward to the Holi celebration after all of their exams and studying, so help them create enthusiasm with these fun Holi activities for preschool. 

Funky and Colourful Holi Banner

Creating Holi-themed wall hangings would be an excellent method to appreciate your kids’ work. Have your kids enjoy colouring or sketching, and have them design some unique banners with the saying “Happy Holi” to indulge them in the fun activities at home. 

DIY Pichkari (Water Gun)

DIY Spray Water Gun

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Why not build an eco-friendly Holi pichkari with your eco-friendly Holi colours? You can explore a thorough instruction on how to create one out of a recycled plastic water bottle online easily. It’s so simple that you’ll never want to purchase another pichkari, and your kids will love the DIY idea too! 

Colouring Pages

Holi drawing for kids

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Offer some lovely Holi drawing for kids colouring sheets to give them some quiet time to indulge themselves. These books offer a variety of various pages, so have a look at them all and guide them on how to do sketching and colouring with the crayons perfectly. Let them enjoy this fun Holi activity. 

Let Them Design Scrapbook 

Holi Scrapbook for kids

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Scrapbook is a fun way to let your kids portray the memories on the sheets and make them unforgettable. So, make sure to make it as vivid as you like, and don’t forget to add prints of those adorable tiny hands and feet of your kids.

Colourful Holi Cards

Colourful Holi Cards

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In India, Holi heralds the approach of spring. It’s such a brilliant concept to mix the two, the elements that represent Spring and Holi’s vivacity. So, ask your kids to make Holi cards out of leaves, flowers, sliced veggies, and anything else that they can find captivating. 

Hand Printed Cut-Outs

This easy and entertaining art with the cutouts of the little hand-prints is another one from our Holi craft activities ideas. All you will need is some large sheets of white art paper, oil paints, water, glue, and plates to mix colours and let your kids enjoy the colouring with their hearts out. 

Holi Rangoli


Holi Rangoli

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Rangoli is a popular activity among children, and they want it to last forever. Fortunately, you now can do so! All you need is some large sheets of white cardboard paper and some Holi colours for this project. Instruct your kid to gently draw the design first with chalk and then fill it up with the Holi colours. 

Holi Garland Decor

If you host a Holi party and the decorations are missing, the celebration will be incomplete. Make a Holi garland with a rainbow motif ideal for this season’s décor. Cut out nine circles or inverted triangles of comparable sizes from colourful cardstock saying- H-A-P-P-Y-H-O-L-I. This will be the subject of the nine cutouts. Assemble everything in the correct sequence. Glue the cutouts’ backs to a long piece of ribbon. Allow time for it to dry. And Voila! Your Holi banner with a rainbow motif is complete! Also, read top Holi songs to enjoy the party even more.

DIY Holi Gift Tags

DIY Holi Gift Tags

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If you’re looking for a unique way to personalise your Holi presents, these Holi gift tags will be perfect! Let your kids create some colourful Holi tags with unique Holi stamps. Choose from a variety of humorous Holi phrases that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Books on Holi

We have a lot of ideas on how to celebrate Holi with the kids, but do they understand what it means? If you’re unsure where to begin, It’s ideal for teaching them- “Amma, Tell me about Holi” is perfect! The book is suitable for children of all ages. Toddlers will love reading aloud with Mom or Dad, while school-aged children will appreciate it alone. Also, read books on holi for kids.

Leaf Printed Holi Card

With the leaf-printed Holi cards, you can indulge your kids in including nature in your Holi celebrations. Make them use any form of leaves and petals, dip them in paint, and print them on the card. Let your kids enjoy the fun process and become creative. 

Holi-Themed Games

Holi is a time for fun and games, but you don’t have to all be dirty! Try these lovely Holi Tambola card ideas. Make these out of different coloured card stock and bling them up with glitter! Then gather your kids and teach them how to play it. Check out some fun-filled Holi games for kids.

Blow Painting

Holi drawings for kids

Image Source: artfulparent

Another enjoyable Holi pastime for children is blow painting. It fosters children’s creativity and aids their brain development. This is a work of art that needs to be displayed. To let the tempera paint flow smoother when your kid blasts it, dilute it a little. Keep a couple of different paint colours in little plastic containers. Demonstrate how to fill a dropper with paint and squeeze a drop or two onto paper with a dropper. If needed, add more colour.

Summing Up

Holi is a colourful event celebrated as the triumph of good over evil. The activities listed above are some of the best options available to you. Let us expel our negativity while inhaling happiness during Holi. So, spend time with your kids and let them enjoy the Holi celebration and get more creative with the fun Holi activities for kids. Also, you can try various holi recipes for kids.

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