Constipation During Pregnancy? 5 Natural Remedies to Ease Out Your Bowel Movement!

Constipation During Pregnancy? 5 Natural Remedies to Ease Out Your Bowel Movement!

Squirming with pain and fear at the loo while passing motions?


Before you jump in to pop some pills, consider some of these tried and tested natural remedies:


Increase your fluid intake. This can be in the form of plain water, fresh fruits or fruit juices with the pulp and fiber (without sugar, of course!), vegetable soups, vegetable juices or tender coconut water. If you cannot drink much of plain water, add a dash of lime to it. Tea, coffee, sugary drinks, juices out of a tetra pack, cola must be strictly avoided!


Add more fibre to your diet in the form of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. Dry fruits or soaked dry fruits are also great sources of both energy and fibre.  In fact, soak 5-10 raisins in a bowl of water and eat them first thing in the morning.


Probiotics like curd and buttermilk are very beneficial for gut health and aid in preventing constipation. The healthy and useful bacteria they contain promote healthy digestion and relieve constipation too. Try and include a bowl of curd each day. Avoid milk though as it is a complex to digest protein!


You can also consult your doctor about taking a fibre supplement, if dietary fibre is not enough. However, they may cause gas and bloating.

Prenatal exercises under expert supervision and 20 mins walk everyday are also things that may help.



If  you continue to have infrequent bowel movements even after increasing your fibre and water intake or, if you are experiencing pain or bleeding while passing stool, it is best to consult your gynaecologist for medication.


Disclaimer: BabyChakra does not promote self-diagnosis or self-medication. The views expressed therein, are by a nutritionist, are purely for informative purposes.


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