Yoga For Expecting Mothers: Part 3

If you are following my videos, you are already aware of some basic stretches and breathing exercises. (As shown here.)


Today’s video is based on a butterfly-motion exercise.




Butterfly is by far the best asana for pregnant women. Butterfly modifications help strengthen the perineum muscle to handle the contractions at the time of labor.


Disclaimer: All the exercises demonstrated in the videos need to be done under the supervision of a trained practitioner at the start, until one is proficient and comfortable to take these up individually. Even then, if at any moment there is any discomfort , one must stop and consult a trained practitioner.


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Aakanksha Lamba

I am 15 weeks pregnant..when should I start doing this exercise since I knew that this butterfly stretch should be done in last would be great if you can mention the start stage of pregnancy in all your videos..

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