Yoga For Expecting Mothers – Part 12

Yoga For Expecting Mothers – Part 12

28 Nov 2017 | 1 min Read

Aditi Chhajta

Author | 12 Articles

This is a soothing pose as it stretches the front of the body, the intercostal muscles (around the ribs) , throat, chest and abdomen . It is an important pose for pregnant women as it strengthens the back of the neck.  



It also helps in preparing you  for breast-feeding. There is a lot of neck strength required to ensure your baby is feeding well during the initial weeks.


Disclaimer: All the exercises demonstrated in the videos need to be done under the supervision of a trained practitioner at the start, until one is proficient and comfortable to take these up individually. Even then, if at any moment there is any discomfort , one must stop and consult a trained practitioner.


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