Summers Are Here, What’s In Your Handbag?

Summers Are Here, What’s In Your Handbag?

15 May 2018 | 4 min Read

Nandita Sharma

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Hey All,

Don’t we all love Summers! Well not June and July but I definitely love the start of summers when mornings and nights are still bit cold but afternoon have just started to get hot! With these changes, our wardrobe also takes a shift sweaters, jackets, ponchus, boots all go in the storage and nice breezy dresses, chappals, sandals, and cotton tops comes out.

Well like all mums my Handbag also takes a shift…want to know what I am absolutely obsessed with, right now. So, read on.

Few things that I think should make it to every mums handbag this summer:

1. A Natural Mosquito Repellent:

As summer approaches and kids tend to go out to play in the evening they are more prone to get mosquitoes bites and the mosquito scare only increases as it gets hotter in summers and we welcome monsoon. Natural Mosquito repellent for kids is a life saver for mums as well as kids. I make a point to apply on my son as he goes to school in the morning, when we make impromptu shopping trips, any outing or even when he goes out to play in the evening.

2. Hand Sanitizer:

Well now days we can get Alcohol Free sanitizer. These sanitizers takes care of us both (me and my son) who are just OCD obsessed (yes! That’s what I call ourselves). As we go out I make sure it is either in my son’s backpack or in my purse specially if we decide to eat outside or on vacations.


3. Sunscreen:

I am currently obsessed with new range of sunscreen launched in market…as I have such an oily skin which gets worse in summers. All the sun-screens that have applied till now don’t control oil and as an alternative I usually don’t use any cream when I am out in sun and at the end of the summers I am a tanned mess going for d-tanning facials, But these new oil-free sun screens are such a blessing controls oil gives for hrs and makes a good base for putting my make-up too.


4. Toilet Sanitizers:

This is one product irrespective of summers/ winters it is always there in my purse. Like I mentioned I m have cleaning disorder and using a public loo is nothing but a nightmare for me. Until it is so urgent that I will pee in my pants I will not use a Public toilet or even someone else’s washroom. Yes! You read it right I even have problem using washroom at my relatives place until they are clean to my standards (huff….talking about high maintenance) but this is true I have this problem but with Toilet Sanitizer I feel safe using public toilets without the scare of catching any infections . Mom’s this definitely help us as well as our kids will use loo, irrespective they are clean or not. Now instead of making them wait we can just spray this on the seat and let them use it without getting worried about them falling sick.

5. Sunglasses:

You will also find 2 pairs of sunglasses in my handbag one for me and one for my son. Regardless of whether you’re a minimalist, a classicist, or an exhibitionist. From round sunglasses, to cat-eyes or any geometric shapes everyone needs a great pair of sunglasses to keep those rays from wreaking havoc on your eyes. Plus, the right shades just make you look cooler.

These are my top 5 picks do you have anything or any product that you think should be in a must have list for mom this summer do comment and let me know I will update my list.

Happy Summer everyone!


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