Nutritious Food Can Be Yummy & Tasty Too!

Nutritious Food Can Be Yummy & Tasty Too!

25 May 2018 | 3 min Read

You think your child isn’t eating enough? Well, you are not alone.

It’s summer time in Mumbai and my girl’s appetite dropped so bad that it began to worry me. I spoke to many other toddler moms and all of them had the same concern. That actually brought some relief to me and I accepted it that it is summer and maybe the kids don’t really want to ‘eat eat’. So began the lemon juice and buttermilk preparations but the wish to get some more nutrition into her tummy remained.

Fortunately around the same time, being a BabyChakra Mom, I was invited to be a part of the launch of Pediasure’s new ‘Cookies and Cream’ flavour. Not only did I have a fun afternoon with Lara Dutta, Mahesh Bhupathi and little Chef Kicha, I also took back valuable insights from pediatrician Dr. Indu Khosla and nutritionist Dr Eileen Canday on child nutrition! And of course, I took back home a wonderful hamper with the new launched product.

I now use the Pediasure Cookies and Cream flavour to whip up  light and tasty  recipes to ensure that my fussy little girl gets some nutrition.


With some great immunonutrients like pre and probiotics, zinc, selenium, copper and Vitamin A, C & E, it helps in developing immunity and brain development with folic acid, Vitamin B12, iron, linoleic acid etc.



Here is a quick and nutritious recipe using the Pediasure Cookies and Cream flavour:

  • Take 150 ml of milk of your choice and add 2 scoops of Pediasure.
  • Add one banana to it along with a handful of dry fruits of your kid’s choice.
  • Grind all of it together and pour in a mason jar or glass.


You may also add oats to make it extra healthy! And on other days, maybe a little ice-cream/curd when you want to get indulgent.

Please do try this and let me know if you liked it.

Also share your own recipes too please! After all, there is so much you can do with this yummy supplement!


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