Prepare Yourself For Travel During Pregnancy

Prepare Yourself For Travel During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it's also a time when average everyday tasks become a challenge. Case in point: painting your toenails as your belly grows. Travel during pregnancy is also one such activity. Be it for your babymoon, work trip, or baby shower with your family living half-way across the country, the idea of traveling with a baby bump can be stressful. With the right prep, you can put all your worries about discomfort and complications at rest.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare yourself for travel during pregnancy:

Aim for the Second Trimester

Unless it is an unavoidable last minute trip planned, the second trimester is the best time to travel during pregnancy in. It is considered the Goldilocks of pregnancy when your days of nausea and morning sickness are behind you and you still aren’t too big to move around. It is also the safest period in a regular low-risk pregnancy with minimal chances of a miscarriage or preterm labour.

Pick a Destination Closer to Home



Yes, a babymoon in the Bahamas sounds exciting. However, unless you live in or close to the Bahamas, it is not the most practical choice. Picking a destination closer to home for your travel during pregnancy can reduce chances of contracting viral infections native to a destination, ambiguity of unsafe water, and food and expense of foreign medical care.

Bring All Your Prenatal Records



It is best to prepare for all eventualities when you travel during pregnancy. Should you require medical attention while travelling, doctors will be able to assist you better if they know your medical history. It is advisable to carry all your prenatal records or at least printed or digital copies of them during your travels.

Bring Supplies



Irrespective of your mode of travel, you must bring all the essential supplies to keep you comfortable during the journey and keep them handy in a carry-on bag. This includes a bottle of water, a light snack, some crackers, candy, and even a small cushion to prevent your back from going sore.

Pack Light



This is especially crucial if you are travelling solo. Lifting heavy weights is not recommended during pregnancy, so don’t move around with overstuffed bags hoping that a good Samaritan will help you lug them around. Ask your doctor about the appropriate weight for you to lift when travelling during pregnancy and pack accordingly. Cross coordinated outfits, clothes of neutral colours, minimal footwear, and travel packs of toiletries are a great way to cut back on baggage weight.

Take Pee Breaks Often

Pregnancy shrivels up your bladder to a pea size or so it feels. Don’t hesitate in taking frequent pee breaks on the go or visiting a plane lavatory every 15 minutes, if you must. Your own comfort is paramount.

All your stress and anxiety will dissipate once you are well-prepared to travel during pregnancy. You can set out with the right frame of mind, rest assured that taking a trip while you are pregnant will not harm you or your baby in anyway. On the contrary, it can be quite the whiff of fresh air you need before plunging headlong into the  demanding world of parenting.


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