Soothing Music To Listen During Pregnancy

Soothing Music To Listen During Pregnancy

Music is proven to have healing powers and a pregnant mother is advised to listen to soothing music during pregnancy to benefit her fetus inside her womb. While there is no concrete evidence to the impact of such music on the brain development of the growing fetus, there is a study by PLOS one which points that it may boost the spatial reasoning skills of kids when exposed to soothing music during pregnancy. It is also worth noting that infants exposed to such music in the uterus respond to it even post birth.

Key Pointers to Keep in Mind While Listening to Soothing Music

While soothing music during pregnancy would be rarely annoying to the baby inside your womb, there are certain things you must keep in mind when exposing your unborn baby to it.

• Listen to it only because you have an inclination towards it. Merely listening to music might not make your child smarter though there is a study that says fetus exposed to classical music grow up to be good at math and reasoning.

• Never exceed the 50db range. The amniotic fluid is a good sound conductor and you need not listen to loud music to make it audible for the kid.

• Music would help you relax and that in itself is good for the baby’s growth and well-being.

Soothing Music

Relaxing Music That You Can Listen During Pregnancy

While there is no steadfast rule on what would click for you and your baby, here are some all-time favorite genres and soothing music to listen to during pregnancy that could help you and your baby relax.

Carnatic Music

There is an interesting study by Ancient Science of Life, according to which certain ragas like the Kalyani can help improve the reflexes of your unborn baby and also has a positive calming effect on the pregnant mother. It also improves the baby's mental stimulation and auditory response.

Garbha Sanskar

These are basically Sanskrit shlokas or verses meant for the wellbeing of the pregnant mother and the unborn child. The word literally means educating the fetus in the womb. It is believed that you can shape the personality and behaviour of your unborn child by listening to these shlokas on a daily basis. According to ancient Indian medicine scriptures, music like the Shri Maharudea Mantra, Rigveda Mantra, Samaveda Mantra, and Atma Sanskara Shatakam helps the mother in mentally, spiritually, and physically getting prepared for the childbirth.

Classical Instrumental

Instrumental music is a sure shot way to calm your nerves and also help your baby relax. Some say that this has a lot of positive impact on your baby’s temperaments and auditory senses. Listening to veena, violin, and flute tunes on a daily basis will help in calming your senses and also create a serene ambience for you and your child.


Classical Instrumental


Simple Pop Numbers

You may even listen to some of your favourite pop numbers that are not too overbearing and complex. Who knows, while you are dancing away to your favourite tunes, you may also be bonding with your baby inside!


pop numbers

Remember, the music you listen to should first appeal to you and not only targeted towards your unborn baby’s development. As you start listening to music you may even get a hang of what your baby prefers and which is a definite no-no! But however melodious and  tranquillizing a particular music is, you would definitely be the first voice it would like to listen to!


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