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Sa Re Ga, My Baby! – Why Must You Listen to Music During Pregnancy!

Sa Re Ga, My Baby! – Why Must You Listen to Music During Pregnancy!

28 Oct 2016 | 4 min Read

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

Author | 101 Articles

Your baby can feel your vibe – what you think, feel, and most importantly what you hear is what he hears. Vibes are made of vibrations, you see.  It’s not without a reason that Abhimanyu is known to have learnt war strategy in his mother’s womb and he learnt only half of it as mummy snoozed off!

It’s a no-brainer that good music is not just good vibration but also helps build intelligence in your child. For you, it could mean relaxation, peace or sheer delight!

As a singer myself, I heard a lot of music during my pregnancy. I can’t say enough about how wonderfully it impacted my son. Whenever I meditated and heard chants or spiritual music as a mom-to-be, I felt connected with my son inside the tummy. On tough days, simply chanting Om was enough to soothe me.

When I started feeling my baby’s movements, I observed he would dance in a rhythmic way when I played a certain kind of instrumental music. The first time it happened, I was so amazed!


On the day of his birth  

5 Ideas for your Birthing Room That You Will Have Never Read Before my son suddenly began to cry and I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. But when I played some music (it was Mozart, the same music which I played throughout my pregnancy), he miraculously calmed down. My mother was completely awestruck!

Since birth, my son showed great affinity towards music.  At 20 months now, he says “gana gana”, when he wants me to play music. He loves playing and tinkering around with several instruments. He seems to have a great sense of rhythm too. He has now started to sing some songs in tune as well! In fact, if I hum the tune of a rhyme and pause, he continues humming from where I left. It’s so wonderful to see a baby blossom!

Here are a few suggestions based on how I nurtured my baby and myself with music on a daily basis:


  • Listen to Garbh Sanskar by Dr Balaji Tembe and music by Sanjeev Abhyankar. It has chants & mantras as per Vedas sung in the appropriate ragas. You can buy it online.
  • Sing to the foetus. I often sang my favorite songs alone while keeping a hand on my tummy as if I were singing to my baby.
  • Talk aloud to the foetus. I talked about everything under the sun in running commentary. For example, “Mumma is going for a walk. See the lovely trees. Mumma can smell this flower.” “Mumma is going to turn on the mixer in the kitchen, it will be loud.”  “Mumma is going to the hospital, doctor will do sonography. Just relax.”
  • Chant Om and the Gayatri Mantra.



  • Chant this powerful Buddhist mantra – Om Mane Padme Hum. 


  • Chant shanti mantras – Sarveshaam, Om purnamadah, Om sahna bhavatu… 







  • Listen to Mozart. There are lot of Mozart tracks on the net for babies. Here is one for yoru reference 



  • Listen to instrumental music while doing your prenatal exercise or meditate. Here’s a piece of great Jaltarang music 



  • Listen to spiritual, Sufi music & Bollywood classics. The key is to expose the foetus to a variety of good music.





Listening to music through pregnancy does not guarantee that your baby will be a musical genius. But music definitely helps grow your child’s auditory intelligence helps your baby integrate and produce sounds in a better way. It also helps in establishing numerous neural connections and is known to improve baby’s sleeping habits too.

Playing music during pregnancy is one of the  best things you can do for the well being of both you.  And if you really gave birth to a musical genius after, then you have hit a jackpot!


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