5 Things To Expect After A Natural Delivery

5 Things To Expect After A Natural Delivery

If you just had your very first vaginal/normal delivery or is about to; this post may give you insights as to what is it you can expect in the course of the next few weeks.


You May Feel Sore Down There – Yes, in any vaginal/normal delivery it takes around two weeks for the swelling and soreness to subside depending upon your level of tear. Although it’s nothing to be worried about and in most cases you do not need any medication for that. However, make sure you keep your vaginal area clean, take sitz bath twice to thrice a day and if you have unbearable pain or itching you can always consult your gynecologist for any over the counter medicine or ointment.


There Is Going To Be Bleeding For A Long Time – Yes, there will be. Although everyone bleeds differently; some more than others but there will be blood. But it’s perfectly normal and is your body’s way of taking out all that is not needed. Bleeding can last from 2 weeks up to 6 weeks. Don’t worry soon after your delivery you will forget about it. Once it stops, you will have to wait for it to come back, which is of course different for everybody.


You May Not Breastfeed Right Away – Yes, you are suppose to feed right away but a lot of mothers still have to wait 2-3 days before they start producing colostrum (the initial milk). The baby will be fed externally with a bottle but you still need to feed as the more you feed the more milk is produced.


Low Sex Drive – Yes, it’s perfectly normal. You are no different than many other women in this phase. Although, it should be a phase and don’t hesitate to talk to your doc about it. The best way to cope is to give enough time to yourself and your husband(often this is neglected) and get help to take care of the baby. Read my piece on 5 Must Know Health Hacks For New Mums Who Want To Stay Fit.


Piles Is Common After Delivery – Postpartum  Hemorrhoids is pretty common after pregnancy. It can be due to constipation during pregnancy, pressure on the pelvic veins and the inferior vena cava or pushing too much during labor. Either ways it’s the worst of all. The way to deal with this is- Stay hydrated, don’t get constipated, eat lots of fiber and consult your doctor for medicine for instant relief.


Hope this helps you prepare  better for what’s to  come.

Thanks for reading.


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