4 Ways For Smooth Back To School Phase

4 Ways For Smooth Back To School Phase

It’s time to get back to routine as the school summer vacations is getting complete.  Long break is very refreshing and fun for all of us but at the same time stepping back into the routine is not an easy task. So why not just drew away the routine blues by following these 4 simple ways. One of the ideas may work for you and your children and you can remain stress-free on first day of school.


1. New books - New lessons:

Make sure that your child new books are neatly covered and labelled. Read few poems and chapters from it, and make the whole process interesting. Tell them how newness will add more colours to their schedule. New teacher’s new lessons new classroom all this new mantra keeps the spirits of a child up but a few of them feel a bit anxious. For anxiety parents can look for things with which child is comfortable. As a parent you understand every tiny bit of your child, pick the right notion at right time.

2. Party Poopers:

It is a great idea to throw a party just few days ahead of school reopening for your child and their friends and let them enjoy to the fullest. Let them be like free birdie singing, dancing, and playing and end the holidays with a bang and welcoming the new session with cheerfulness.

3. Yummy treat:

Let your child cherish the favorite food in lunch box. Now-a-days there are ample videos through which we can prepare munch and lunch boxes healthy and yummy at same time. Yes look for what your child loves and present it with twist and innovative packing.


4. Walk the first step with kids:

First day tantrums are common for all age groups and kids are no exception. Let give school bus a miss and drop your child to the school. If that is not possible then go to bus stand with your child. Keep everything scheduled a day prior to avoid last moment hush –hush.

Handle the separation wisely and politely. A parent knows their child inside out, create the environment smooth and fill it with love and care for reopening school days and then you will realize that whole session is a great start. Yes to end a matter wisely, one has to start wisely, treat child carefully to gain their  trust seemingly.


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