Expectant Dad's Survival Guide

Expectant Dad's Survival Guide

While a mom-to-be faces many challenges during her pregnancy, the dad-to-be  certainly isn't going to have it easy. Being the main pillar of support for his pregnant partner, he too faces a number of problems and obstacles along the way.

Our expectant dad's survival guide will help prepare you for your beautiful journey ahead.

Be Ready to Take Over Responsibilities

The first trimester can be exhausting as the body undergoes some changes internally. Nausea, morning sickness, and sensitivity to taste and smell are some of the things a pregnant woman usually encounters. As a result, she may not be able to do the things as effectively as she did earlier, so be ready to take over household responsibilities which will allow her more time to rest. If you're a second-time dad, help in looking after your older child to avoid your partner from exerting herself.

Expect a Change In Intimacy

There is no exact guide that tells you the intimacy level that you can expect as a dad-to-be. You should prepare yourself to face a change in intimacy during pregnancy. While some expectant moms would experience a greater sex drive, others would not feel it at all. Be supportive and remember hormonal changes play a major part during this time.

Prenatal Visits

Prenatal visits are an important part of every pregnancy and you will need to take the  time out to accompany your partner for her appointments and doctor's visits. This will keep you up-to-date with the pregnancy and will also give you time to talk to your doctor about any concerns or questions you may have.

Getting Yourself Prepared For Labour

Getting prepared for the big day is something most expectant couples fear the most. In the days and weeks that precede the due date, make sure both of you are well-prepared and packed for the hospital. This inventory would include clothes, toiletries, and other important essentials you may require during your stay at the hospital.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be reachable at all times, especially when the due date is near. This would avoid any last minute hassles and delays in getting to the hospital on time.

You May Experience Pregnancy Symptoms Too

Believe it or not, but 80%-90% of expecting dads experience something called as Couvade Syndrome or Male Sympathetic Pregnancy. It is the biological, psychological, and social impact that pregnancy has on the expectant father. No one is really sure what actually causes men to experience these symptoms. However, anxiety, hormonal changes, and sympathetic characteristics are believed to be the main contributors.

Some men have symptoms such as vomiting, indigestion, mood swings, and change in appetite, just to name a few. If you are an expectant dad who is experiencing these symptoms, don't worry you are not alone! It is normal for a dad-to-be to feel anxious and nervous around this time.

Enjoy the Journey Together

Finally, the journey for expectant parents is a wonderful one, and it should be enjoyed together. Make the most of this amazing experience by following our expectant dad's survival guide and offering all the support and care your partner requires during this time.


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