Unable To Control Cravings? Try These Solutions

Unable To Control Cravings? Try These Solutions

17 Sep 2018 | 2 min Read

Simrun Chopra

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For me these were the biggest challenge. Desserts, ice cream, chips are the big ones. Its normal to have cravings. These are some of the things I did and they should work for you too!

1. Notice when it triggers
2. Be ready to confront those triggers
3. Have plans in place for those sudden cravings
4. Drink water when the craving kicks in
5. Have a small portion of your *nutritious* back up plan
6. Never let yourself get too hungry
7. Don’t skip meals
8. Keep your mind occupied

Skipping meals causes hunger and leaves the mind unsatiated. This in turn causes most people to junk during the day. In most cases cravings arise when we are bored or want something else to do. So keep a mental note of the triggers and keep substitutes handy.

Sometimes substitutes don’t work. If you want a piece of chocolate you might land up eating 10 dates, raisins, a fruit, some other substitute and you might actually consume more calories that the chocolate. So sometimes mindfully eat what you’re craving but in a very small portion.

SImple Secret: what I do to avoid a craving… I say “ I don’t eat that” and then I eat a substitute.  This works every single time. However saying Ii can’t” signals that you are refraining from something desirable and this makes the craving worse. So next time try my “I DON’T EAT THAT !!!”.


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