Tips To Avoid Too Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Tips To Avoid Too Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy

It is very difficult to stay in the recommended weight range during pregnancy as you may end up feeling that the people around are only feeding you constantly. However, it is really important to stay in the weight range bracket so as to avoid the risks of gestational diabetes and c section births. Here are some tips for you to stay on track while getting the right nutrition and not gaining much.


Starting at a healthy weight


This is one of the best ways to avoid too much gain during your pregnancy. If you are at the planning stages, then it would be advisable to consult your doctor to figure out the right BMI and start working on reaching your ideal weight before you conceive.


Plan your meals


Honestly, you do not need too many calories during pregnancy. Ideally, 340 extra calories per day during the second trimester and 450n extra calories per day during the third trimester should be alright. So, plan your meals accordingly. Have 6 to 7 smaller meals instead of three big meals. This will keep your hunger pangs at bay and will also ensure that you overeat. For this, you could either split your major meals into parts or else have light snacks in between meals. But, do make it a point to choose snacks that are of good nutritional value instead of munching on junk.



Drink lots of water. It keeps you satisfied between meals  and you won’t overeat. It also reduces constipation which is a common complaint during pregnancy. If you are not a fan of plain water then you could keep a pitcher of water next to you all the time infused with fruits. It gives you added taste and also keeps you hydrated.



It is the simplest form of exercise and you can easily do it while you are expecting as well. If you have never done any kind of physical activity then begin slowly with a 10-minute walk each day. Once you are comfortable increase 10 more minutes and finally walk it up for 30 minutes a day. Walking not only helps you manage weight gain, but it also keeps you away from those benign body aches and pains as you are active.


Satisfy your cravings

Pregnancy is a time when you crave for a lot of food items. Do not suppress any craving that you have. Eat it in moderation but, have it. Resisting something will only make you overindulge and it isn’t good for you and your baby.


Track your weight

Make it a point to weigh yourself during every doctor visit and discuss with your gynecologist on how to keep yourself at the right weight. He/she will give you pointers on the kind of food you can have which will be nutrient enriched. Follow these tips and stay nourished.  




This is more of a post-pregnancy tip. Breastfeeding helps you lose pregnancy weight faster post-delivery. It burns 500 calories each day. Also, birth and the body changes that happen in the first six weeks post-delivery will help you drop your first 20 pounds from the baby, placenta, and water weight exiting your body. That itself will be your first step towards losing your pregnancy weight.


The bottom line about pregnancy weight is that if you consume healthy food, your body will gain the right amount of weight and calories which are needed. Just enjoy your food and cravings and don’t forget to include a lot of fresh fruits, greens, and dairy in your diet. Finally, wash it down with lots of water.


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