How To Set Up A Play Area At Your Place

How To Set Up A Play Area At Your Place

Children are curious little beings. They have this urge to fiddle with new things, ask questions and to discover new things. They are on a constant quest of learning. In order to develop and stimulate their developing minds, it is crucial to include both outdoor and indoor play in your child’s daily routine. Nowadays, both outdoor and indoor play is slowly getting replaced with gadgets. But, is that the best thing to do? The answer is quite obvious. The best way to engage your child in indoor play is to create an indoor playground for them. The feeling of them having a separate place just for themselves will excite them to explore this option.

The idea of having a kids’ play area seems exciting but, not many of us have an extra room to spare to dedicate for an indoor playground. But, the good news is that you do not have to sacrifice your living room area for this. This article will help you with some great ideas on setting up a baby play area with a minimalistic space.

Choose a space

The first thing to keep in mind while setting up a kids play area is the space. You need to decide how many places you want to dedicate for this. Select a room which suits your needs and makes the necessary arrangements. You could create a colorful banner which says something like ‘this is (child’s name) indoor playground.’ A sense of belonging attracts children.

Box them

Organize your child’s toys, books and other material in boxes so it is convenient to spot. You could either make your own DIY boxes or you have an option of buying translucent boxes and decorating them with your choice of colors. Involve your baby in this and make it a fun painting session too. You can choose to either label them or you could just simply color coordinate them. This increases the child’s coordination skills too as they eventually try to put the right toy in the right bin. Boxing up also allows stacking toys for more than one child in the house. The lower boxes can be kept for the younger kids and the higher ones can be kept for the older kids.

Walls are your best bet

Don’t have enough room for your kid’s toys? Start using up the walls. You can fix some shelves and organize your child’s toys and other stuff there. A smart move is to maximize corners as well. Sometimes, you may not have enough space to keep your child’s toys. You could get corner shelves and organize all your child’s toys.


Nowadays, there are a lot of options while setting up a kid’s playground. You can buy a small playhouse or a tent for your child. Open it up and your child has his own personal home play area. Fill it up with his favorite toys and both of you are good to go. These tents are usually portable as well so, you could carry it along with you even while traveling.

Multi-purpose items

When it comes to small spaces, multi-purpose items are a savior. A study table which opens up to a few activities or an activity desk which has multiple activity options is an amazing way to keep your child engaged indoors without having to mess up the place. You have a lot of subscription boxes also nowadays which have an array of 7 to 8 activities in a single box. The activities in the boxes are neatly packed and organized, creating a clutter-free playing experience.

Keep rotating the toys

When you have a child at home, there are bound to be toys which are more than your capacity to store. In this case, what you can do is you could keep a monthly schedule of rotating the toys. Keep a huge box in your storage area and fill it up with your child’s toys. Every month, select a few toys or better yet, make your child select the toys he wants to play with and keep it in the children play area. After a month, put back those toys and remove a fresh set. This way, the child also gets variety, does not get bored of his toys easily and an element of surprise is always there every month.

Decorate the kid’s play area

This is your child’s play space. With children, you have the leisure to go all out with your creativity. Hang colorful balloons, crepe papers, beautiful pictures or their favorite cartoon character photos. Let your child enjoy this space. If you are ok with the idea, then ask your child to hand paint the wall which is designated for him. One more great idea is to use colorful foam tiles. It is very easily available these days. This serves two purposes – one is it keeps your child safe from falls and accidents (if you have a small baby) and if there are any stains, you can clean them easily.

Your child’s own creations

Make your child draw or paint his favorite objects or cartoons or just simply help your child do a hand painting. Frame it and hang it at this space. The child sees it every day and shows it off to his friends too. Print a few pictures of your baby (more funny pictures) and hang them up. You could just use a clothesline and hang these pictures and drawings with clothespins.

Make the indoor playground your child’s abode

Ensure that it has all your child’s favorite play items. It is his space so, it needs to be with his stuff. Do not always expect it to be spot free clean. Let it be messy. The child will learn to clean up as well.

The place should be a cozy one; a place where your child can retreat when he is low or happy or excited. Setting up a baby play area may seem like a lot of work and thinking but, when you begin, it will be a fun experience for both of you.


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