First Food: Wholesome Meals

These options work well for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. Try these wholesome baby foods for toddlers.

Here's what I do:

Cook the oats and the choice of cereal to a thick consistency and add in the fruit/veg mash. With a pinch of ground nutmeg or cinnamon for seasoning the meal is a real treat. I do not feel the need to add sugar to any of this since all these are all naturally sweet items.
Possible combinations

To be served cool:

1. Custard apple + Oatmeal
2. Banana + Oatmeal
3. Melon + Oatmeal

To be served warm: (tip-Baked apple, pear & pumpkin seems to retain more flavour)

1. Apple + Oatmeal + Choice of cereal + Ground Nutmeg or Cinnamon
2. Pumpkin + Oatmeal + Choice of cereal + Ground Cinnamon
3. Pear + Choice of cereal + Ground Nutmeg or Cinnamon
4. Beetroot + Pumpkin + Oatmeal + Choice of cereal
5. Carrots + Choice of cereal + Ground Nutmeg

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Ashika Imthiyaz

nice ideas.. wanna try

Kartik Kujur

Will try...

asha chaudhry

Anushka Sweety Motwani yeh read karo pls!

khushi kanu

My baby don't like sweet dish. .. he like salty can I prepare for him

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This is so well written.

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