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Everything About Pregnancy

Everything About Pregnancy

7 May 2019 | 8 min Read

Dr Vijayalaxmi Goel

Author | 2 Articles

I am Dr. Vijaylakshmi Goel, an Obstetrician with 20 years of experience. I practice at Goels Krishna Nursing Home, Dahisar


How to take care of nipples during breastfeeding?


Swelling and inverted nipples are a common occurrence that new mothers have to take care of. Applying coconut oil, nipcare ointment or soothing baby-safe balms and antibiotic ointments help in treating cracks and dryness. Swelling can be treated by applying ice pack. Use syringe pump to apply pressure on inverted nipple and pull it out to ease feeding. You can also massage breasts multiple times in a day and use fingers to gently pull nipple.


How to deal with weakness  and fatigue during pregnancy?


Eat food every 2 hours since glucose demand increases during pregnancy. Ensure that your diet has essential nutrients like carbs and proteins to give you energy. Include fruits and salads for better energy levels

Fatigue could also be due to lower haemoglobin levels. Consume pomegranate and spinach to improve RBCs. Ideally haemoglobin should be 11 to 12.


How to ensure adequate sleep or deal with odd sleeping times?


During pregnancy, the body’s biological clock undergoes changes due to hormonal changes. Feeling sleepless at night is quite common among expecting mothers. It’s your body’s way of preparing you for staying up at nights and taking care of your baby after delivery. Sleep whenever your body gives you the signal. To bring your body clock back on line, ensure that you lead an active lifestyle during the day.Exercise so your body naturally tires and falls asleep early. Avoid sleeping during the day if you can but don’t resist your body’s natural clock much.

How to improve appetite if one doesn’t feel like eating?


Loss of appetite is again a very common occurrence. Due to hormonal changes, foods which were once favourites are no longer appealing. Satisfy pregnancy cravings by eating natural sugars and tangy foods. Avoid excessive oily, spicy and salty food.


Should I be worried about white discharge during pregnancy?


Small amount of White discharge is normal. However you should consult your doctor for treatment if it is itchy or foul-smelling or there’s a burning sensation in vagina.



How to control vomiting?

Vomiting is a part and parcel of pregnancy and it is quite common for expecting mothers to feel nauseous for the first three months. Nausea indicates that the body is gradually adapting to pregnancy. Keep ginger and tulsi in mouth and slowly suck the juice to reduce the sensation of nausea. If excessive vomiting occurs consult your doctor for appropriate treatment.

Can the couple enjoy sexual relations during pregnancy?


As long as the couple is comfortable, sex during pregnancy is not an issue. However care should be taken that the expecting mother doesn’t experience too much of strain or pressure which could induce early labour.


How soon after pregnancy can a couple resume sexual relations?


The normal wait period is 40 days if the mother has had a normal delivery. However precaution should be taken and protection should be used as ovulation starts by this time and the mother could get pregnant again. Getting pregnant again while breastfeeding the first child is not a major problem, however a healthy gap between multiple pregnancies should be maintained.


How developed is the baby at 21 weeks of pregnancy?


A little less than a feet. Sonography will show developed head and limbs clearly,


How can I take care of my pregnant wife?


TLC- tender love and care. Keep the mother away from unnecessary stress and strain. Ensure that she is consuming nutritious food. Remember a healthy mother will have a healthy baby.


My baby’s movement is very less and I’m worried. What should I do?


If this is your first pregnancy it’s quite normal to not be able to understand baby movement. You can check for movement after consuming a proper meal and then lying down and running your hand over your belly. There will be minute pings of movement which will become more noticeable as the pregnancy progresses.However if there is absolutely no movement for longer duration rush to your doctor and get your baby checked.


How to calculate how many weeks pregnant I am?


It is calculated from last date of period.


How to deal with swelling and burning sensation?


During pregnancy, swelling and burning sensation all over the body is commonly observed. Consume multivitamins or methylcobalamin after consulting your doctor. Give alternate hot-cold packs and apply balms to reduce swelling. Burning sensation on skin may be caused due to dryness brought on by hormonal changes. Apply lotions or creams to treat it..


How to overcome gas and acidity during pregnancy?


Avoid oily, spicy and salty foods. If acidity persists you can take antacids or eno. Maintain a balanced diet.


Our marriage is 5 years old but we haven’t been able to conceive. What should we do?


Discuss with an experienced gynaecologist to discuss the causes of difficulty in conception. They can guide you towards a suitable solution or alternate methods of conception.


Are vaccines necessary during pregnancy?


Vaccinating the expecting mother according to doctor’s prescription is extremely important as it ensures good health for both mother and baby. Always follow the appointment dates and guidelines provided to you by your doctor.


How to treat cold and cough during pregnancy?


You can use a number of popular home remedies to treat a minor case of cold and cough. If the infection is severe, consult your doctor for an antibiotic prescription.


I am experiencing pain in lower abdomen. What should I do?


Pain in lower abdomen may be due to constipation. Consume green leafy vegetables and high fibre foods. Increase water intake. If pain still there consult doc to detect complication. Your doctor may suggest urine and stool test.


What tests are important during pregnancy?


Apart from normal blood and urine tests, thalassemia test and HIV test should be done. Expecting parents shouldn’t be afraid to get these tests done. Early detection is key to solving complications if any.


How to treat back pain during pregnancy?


Back pain during pregnancy occurs as the body is undergoing lots of changes and there is a strain on each joint. Take calcium and vitamin d3. Apply topical Ointment and alternating hot and cold packs.


Will my delivery be normal or cesarean?


Gynecologist can decide the method of delivery only when labour starts. If there are any complications then they may decide to opt for surgical procedures keeping the best interests of mother and baby in mind.


I’m in my final trimester and I’m experiencing chest pain concentrated around breasts. What is the cause?


Chest pain occurs because of the breasts are preparing milk and it’s a natural preparation by the body to take care of the baby.


Are kidney stones during pregnancy normal?


If Kidney stones are small then don’t worry and increase water intake.


My wife had a miscarriage 2 months ago. How long should we wait before trying to conceive again?


Wait 6 months in case of miscarriage to allow the mother’s body to recover.


What side should I sleep on during Pregnancy?


Preferably sleep on left side because it increases blood circulation to baby. Use pillows to support your body while sleeping.


What exercise should I do while pregnant?


Butterfly exercise, squatting, yoga and regular walks help in keeping the body fit during pregnancy.


I’m 16 weeks pregnant and my reports show that my placenta is very low.Is this cause for worry?


At 16 weeks the placement of the placenta down no cause of worry it will settle as pregnancy progresses.


Is travelling during pregnancy safe?


Travelling locally is alright. However you should avoid long distance journeys by train or plane.


I’m experiencing excessive hair fall ever since my pregnancy.


Hair fall is common during pregnancy. Supplement your diet with iron rich foods and treat your hair with oil massage. Your hair will be back to normal after delivery after breast-feeding phase.


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