Care During Pregnancy

Care During Pregnancy


I am Dr Siddesh Iyer. I am a Gynaecologist and a medical practitioner in Borivali east and west, Mumbai. I also work as an assistant professor in Medical College in Mumbai. I have been practicing gynaecology since 2009-10.

7 weeks pregnant and having discharge


White discharge is expected in 7 weeks. We call it is called Leucorrhea. If it is in excess it is advisable to see your doctor so that she can do a scan to understand the fetal status and the underlying problem. If there are no issues then generally an antibiotic is prescribed which helps.

When should the first sonography be done?


It should be done as early as 8 weeks of pregnancy. It is necessary to do this sonography to understand if the pregnancy is uterine or ectopic. This sonography also gives details like the status of pregnancy, calculate due date, understand baby’s heartbeat and so on.


6 weeks pregnant and unable to eat


Hormone progesterone results in nausea during pregnancy especially in the first 3 months, The key is to break the cycle of acidity by eating small regular meals. Small bites like biscuits , fruit or anything that is edible should be taken. Avoid staying hungry for long hours and drink plenty of fluids. If the nausea still doesn’t subside see you gynac who can help you with a medication to reduce nausea.


15 weeks pregnant; had two previous pregnancies as ectopic. Doctor has put a stitch this time which is painful.


Stitch is an option to retain pregnancy. Stitch is retained till 36 weeks. If this stitch is extremely is painful then see your gyno to get is inspected for infection or bleeding. If this stitch is resulting in stomach ache then this could also mean a pre-term labor in which case the doctor might have to remove the stitch.

2 months pregnant and spotting


There could be a possible element that is causing this bleeding. You need to get it examined to understand the reason for bleeding. There is a possibility that this is a sign of miscarriage, or other complications around pregnancy. If none of the above then this could be harmless can be controlled with medicine. Your gyno should be able to advise you after an ultrasound.

Pain on left side

If you are early in your pregnancy then this could be a stretch pain due to enlarging uterus. If you are having this pain in the 5th or 6t month then this could be a pre term labour. If the pain is in the 9th month then see your doctor immediately, you could be in labor. The other possible reason could be a urine infection in which case do see your doctor if the pain is uncontrollable and also drink lots of water.


32 weeks over and the baby weight is less


At 32 weeks baby should weigh anywhere around 1.2 kgs and increases gradually. If weight is less as seen in ultrasound then the doctor might recommend a color doppler sonography to understand the reason if baby weight is less due to less blood flow or diabetes or BP or any other reason. See your gyno for further consultation.



4 months pregnant with twins. What tests are recommended


There is no difference in the kind of tests that are done in single pregnancy versus pregnancy with twins. If all the necessary tests are done in the first three months then the next test should be an anomaly scan in 5th month at around 20 weeks. Apart from this routine blood tests, test for hemoglobin ,urine, sugar etc. are done.


Early symptoms of pregnancy


Missed periods, periods over due, a positive home pregnancy test and morning sickness or nausea are primarily the first symptoms of pregnancy.


17 months pregnant is it safe to take gestofit sr?


You can take depending on the reason of prescription. You might have to take it for longer depending on bleeding, spotting in initial period of pregnancy or any relevant pain. It is a harmless medicine and safe to take.


26 weeks pregnant and having fever


Fever in pregnancy is not healthy.See your doctor or gyno..Depending on where you stay you could be prone to catching communicable diseases or this could also be because of urine infection.


Can we have sex in pregnancy?


Old timers say don’t do. Recent research says not much evidence to support not to do. Around People generally avoid in first and last trimester. However, there is no evidence that says not doing is harmless and doing is harmful.


Tightness in stomach, ache in abdomen


If in second trimester, this is normal. We call it Braxton Hicks Contractions.If very painful and hampering your day to day life then get examined by your gyno.


9 months pregnant. What can be done to retain water for normal delivery?


Drink lots of water.Thee more fluids you drink it will flow in blood to baby and baby will consume more to release more urine maintaining the water levels. Avoid long spells of dehydration..


For normal delivery if the birthing canal is big enough to accommodate baby then normal delivery is 100% possible, unless there are other complications.


Is there a problem in delivering in 34 weeks?


Problem will not be because of delivery but since the baby is small there could be a problem in his lungs as they are underdeveloped. 34-37 weeks is the period when baby’s lungs mature. When it comes out after 37 weeks it cries loud and need not be sent to ICU. If delivered before then the doctor might give an injection that will enhance lungs development before delivery to avoid issues post delivery.


27 weeks going on.Less visible tummy.History of miscarriage at 8 months and 15 days


If history has miscarriage then it is important to meet gynac at 27 week. Color doppler sonography will be advised to check blood flow around baby and if all good, the size and weight of the baby is closely monitored and delivery is dragged as long as possible to avoid delivery in 8 months. If blood flow is less then a treatment option will have to be considered to avoid a miscarriage. Meet gyno and take advise.


20 weeks and baby movements are light


If it is your first pregnancy then the movements are felt only around 22-24 weeks. If second pregnancy this can be felt at around 18 weeks.


Thyroid effect of mother on baby


Depending on hypo or hyper thyroid If treatment is on and in control, there is no harm. If uncontrolled hyper or hypo thyroid then birthing can have some issues. It is advisable to get it checked and under control. However there are no life threatening effects on mother or baby


2nd pregnancy. When to give tetanus injection?


Two doses are given around 28 weeks and 32 weeks respectively. WHO recommends 3 doses and it can be given up to 36 weeks.

2 months heavy bleeding and clots with stomach pain.


Possible signs of a miscarriage. See doctor immediately and take advise.


Abdomen ache in 6th month of pregnancy


This is normal. Sleep on left side and keep a pillow below waist. Use pregnancy pillows. Do not If this is accompanied with bleeding or discharge see a gyno.


135/71 BP..Is this normal?


Measure your BP with a mercury apparatus. See gyno if this is the measure on mercury apparatus since this will need attention.


What is the use of Double marker test?


It tells us about possible abnormality in baby. It is done at around 14 weeks.It is a blood test done to check for a possibility of down syndrome or chromosomal anomaly in baby. If positive then advanced tests are done. It is just a screening test and does not reveal details of the anomaly.


Should I be concerned about Vagina itch?


Yes. It should be tackled. It is an infection and should be tested for whether it is fungal, yeast or bacterial and treated accordingly.


Miscarriage in 2nd month. When can we start planning for the next baby?


At least wait for 6 months for the mother’s body to recover. Give her mental and emotional support till then since it is a big emotional loss for her.


6 months pregnant and doula says baby is head down.Should there be a problem?


If this is showing up on an ultrasound then bed rest should be advised. Don’t lift weight and keep taking medicines regularly. If you have bleeding or pain see your gyno immediately.


How many times should sonography be done during pregnancy?


Sonography tells a lot. Basic sonography done in 1st three months. The next is done at 18 weeks for anomaly test. The last one is done towards 9th month to check water level and complications. In a low risk pregnancy this should be enough. With every case this may vary.


33 weeks pregnant and high BP. Any home remedy?

Reduce salt intake.


Recommended exercises for normal delivery


Regular exercises like walking should be good. Aout 30-40 minutes of walk per day, aerobics and some forms of yoga are also good during pregnancy. Avoid lifting weights, avoid tip or fall overs.


How to handle acne in pregnancy?


Due to hormonal changes acne or pimples during pregnancy are common and they subside after delivery. Treatments are not safe. If seeing dermatologist for treatment then do not forget to mention about your pregnancy. Better tackle the problem after delivery.


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