Wellness During Pregnancy

Wellness During Pregnancy

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Dr Vidula Mhatre

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I’m Dr. Vidula Mhatre. I’m a LAMAZE Certified physiotherapist and Childbirth Educator.


I’m 10 weeks pregnant. My first delivery was done through C-section. What exercises should I do for a normal delivery?
Several factors like age of mother, thickness of uterus wall, health of  previous surgery scar affect the delivery. Please consult your doctor on whether normal delivery is viable for you.


What should i eat during pregnancy?

Eat whatever you like in a balanced way.


Is sex during pregnancy safe?

First three months are to be avoided as it is a delicate phase. The second trimester is often called the honeymoon phase and its perfectly safe for intercourse. The final trimester is also a bit risky but as long as you find a comfortable position it is safe.


I’m 12 weeks pregnant but the baby looks close to 14-15 week old in sonography.

There could be a dating mistake or it could be a fast growing baby. Further scans can give more details.


I’m 7 months pregnant and experiencing swelling and pain.

Swelling is due to water retention. It’s quite normal during pregnancy. If pain is consistent and unbearable then consult your doctor.


I’m 4 months pregnant and experiencing severe vomiting.

Morning sickness decreases gradually. Drink lots of fluids and consult your doctor for medication.


I’m 28 weeks pregnant and experiencing white discharge.

It’s very normal and is a natural mechanism to keep the vagina moisturised and alkaline. If the discharge is foul smelling or coloured then it indicates infection and you should get it checked by doctor.


What is the cause of stomachache?

If the pain comes with tightness then it’s normal and indicates uterus preparing for delivery. If the pain is more then take rest.


Is it possible to have normal delivery if past delivery has been through C-section?

Yes. As long as the scar of the first surgery is thick and strong it is possible.


I’m 6 months pregnant and have had no weight gain.

Maximum weight gain happens in last trimester. If the scans show that baby is doing well then don’t worry.


I’m 24 weeks pregnant and my haemoglobin is 10. Is it low?

10 is on the lower side. Ensure your diet is rich in iron. Eat pomegranate, black dates, green leafy vegetables and iron supplements.


What are vegetarian and non vegetarian sources of iron and folic acid?

Green and red vegetables are rich in these nutrients. In non-vegetarian sources, red meat has high content of iron. But it also has a lot of fat which is why you should limit it’s intake.


I’m 4 months pregnant and scans show that I have anterior placenta. What does that mean?

Placenta is the blood tissue which implants the embryo to the uterus. Anterior means it is attached to the back wall of the uterus. Nothing to worry about.


I have 7 days left for the 9 month mark but have had no pain yet. There was white discharge. Doctor has given an expected date which is after completion of 40 weeks.

Delivery can be 3-2 weeks post the 9 month mark. It’s not necessary that each one will deliver on exact date. White discharge is for lubrication of vagina.


I’m 38 weeks pregnant. I’ve been having a sticky discharge of blood colour since two days.

If the blood is fresh and sticky it could indicate discharge of the sealing tissues and indicates approaching labour. Visit your doctor immediately.


I’m 6 months pregnant and experiencing headaches and chest pain.

Get your blood pressure checked.


I’m 5 months pregnant and experiencing gastric problems.

One simple home remedy is chewing on ajwain to aid digestion. You should also take short walks after meals to improve digestion.


I’m already past the delivery date but haven’t had labour yet.

Expected date is not always certain. Labour occurs whenever mother and baby are ready for it. Sometimes Labour can start a few days after due date.


How much quantity of iron and calcium should be consumed during pregnancy?

Calcium is for baby’s bones, nails and teeth. About 1000mg should be take per day. Along with tablet you should also include milk, curd, paneer, fish, etc in your diet.
Iron is very important especially in third trimester. 27mg per day should be consumed along with vitamin c loaded food as it helps in iron absorption.


I’m 4 months pregnant and can’t feel my baby move. I’m also having stomach ache.

Uterine contraction and expansion along with acidity contribute to stomach pain. 4 months is too early to feel baby movement.


I’m 3 months pregnant and experience headaches. I also feel dizzy while standing up.

Get your blood pressure checked.


My haemoglobin is 6.

That is extremely low. Consult your doctor immediately for supplements, injections and blood infusion. Eat dates and pomegranates.


We have been trying to conceive for 2 years unsuccessfully.

Both partners need to get checked for hormone levels among other things. Mother’s weight and thyroid levels are also important.


I’m in my 3rd month of pregnancy and have no appetite.

Try eating small meals frequently. Eat whatever you like as long as it’s not junk food. Don’t force yourself to eat something if it triggers nausea.


Can premature delivery be avoided?

With certain issues like diabetes, 40+ age and other complications, chances of premature delivery are high. In normal cases as long as there are no health complications delivery will be normal.


I’m 8 months pregnant and have jaundice what should I eat?

Avoid outside food. Consult your doctor for proper diet.


I’m 10 weeks pregnant. Should I get an ultrasound done now?

Yes. This the ideal time to check heartbeat and growth of baby.


I’m 8 months pregnant and have high blood pressure. What precautions should I take?

Reduce salt, fats and spices in your diet. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day and 150 minutes per week. Meditate and practice relaxation to reduce stress.


I’m 5 months pregnant and my baby’s weight is 278 gm.is this normal? I’m also experiencing calf pain.

Drink water and fluids for calf pain. Baby’s weight is good.


I’m 34 weeks pregnant and experiencing itching all over.

Get a liver profile test done.


I’m 2.5 months pregnant and have been feeling very anxious.

Due to pregnancy hormones moods often become unstable. Talk to loved ones. Take short walks in gardens. Start exercising after third month. Endorphins released during exercise and walking will make you feel better. Meditate and relax.


I’m 6 months pregnant. The baby’s weight is 570gm. Is it normal?

It is normal. Baby’s growth will be rapid in third trimester.


Is due date calculated from last period or ultrasound report? In my case both are not matching.

Usually it is calculated by adding 40 weeks to last missed period. Ultrasound is only for monitoring baby’s growth. Both can give an approximate date and actual date can never be predicted.


I’m 4 months pregnant and experiencing stomach pain.

The pain in initial stage of pregnancy is called implantation pain. Don’t worry it’s quite a normal process. If pain is unbearable then consult your doctor.


My wife is 9 months pregnant. She’s too scared of natural delivery and wants to go for c-section only.

Establish faith and strength in her. It is a natural process. Women’s body is designed for this biological process. Unless there is a complication or any emergency. C-section itself is a major surgery which can lead to complication. Counsel her about pregnancy and Childbirth. Encourage her to talk to women who have experienced it firsthand and discuss positive experiences.


I’m 5 months pregnant and experiencing back pain.

It’s due to pregnancy hormones. It affects the joints in the body. Relaxin is a hormone which relaxes the mother’s muscles, joints and ligaments to make room for the growing baby. The effects of relaxin are most concentrated around pelvis and can often lead to pain. Exercise under guided supervision and practice floor exercises for pelvic.


I’m 21 weeks pregnant. How should I sleep to not cause harm to baby?

Sleep on your left. Take support of pillows to maintain proper posture.


I conceived via IVF. I’m currently 8 weeks. I was prescribed progesterone gel by doctor. After using when I clean with fingers, I feel some kind of growth?

Consult your doctor.


Ultrasound scans showed that water in bag is more and placenta is low.

You haven’t mentioned how many months of pregnancy you have completed which makes it difficult to give an opinion. Don’t lift heavy things and take bed rest.


I’m feeling lethargic ever since I conceived.

It’s a pregnancy hormone effect. It indicates that your body is falling short of rest. Go with your body’s indications.


I’m 9 months pregnant. I have cough and cold. Will it affect the baby?

Body creates antibodies naturally to deal with infection. This antibodies are transmitted to baby via placenta. Thus your baby is well protected from minor infections when in the womb.


I’m 8 months pregnant. What should I do for normal delivery?

Practice yoga and exercises under guided supervision. Use stairs and Indian toilet to strengthen thighs.


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