Blood Test During Pregnancy

Blood Test During Pregnancy

There are pregnancy blood tests like CBC, blood sugar,  thyroid, quadruple marker test to check baby brain development.


Which tests to go for in 4th week?

Sonography to confirm fetal heartbeat.

At 20th week, I'm unable to find baby movements.

It is not easy to make out if you are first time pregnant or have a big tummy. By another fortnight you will be able to feel.


What can be the cause of bleeding in 4th week?

It could be a low lying placenta or any trauma. Please go to your gynaecologist for a check up.


What tests to be done at 7th month?

A repeat sugar test and hemoglobin test.


I'm in the first month of pregnancy. Is it safe to have sex?

Ideally it should be avoided till the end of the 3rd month. During the first trimester the placenta gets formed. Accidental pressure and thrust can cause bleeding.


What can I do for relief from Severe itching?

Pregnancy hormones cause itching. Ask your gynaecologist to prescribe medicine.


First baby was c-section. Can the second baby be by normal delivery?

It is very difficult to say without knowing the reasons for the c-section in the first time. If those reasons are still persisting then it can be a c-section again.


I'm 7 months pregnant. My blood group is A-. Will there be any problem to the baby?

During baby birth keep a blood donor standby. Doctors will do immediate blood test of your baby to check Rh - /+. If it's negative then no problem. If it's positive then baby will be susceptible to jaundice. Doctors will provide suggestions for the prevention.


What to do for natural labour?

Popular home remedies for natural labour are adding castor oil to milk/tea in the last month. Exercises like squats and butterfly will help.


I'm 3 months pregnant and want to learn about cord blood and placenta preservation.

Stem cell preservation is done to provide cure later to your child or siblings from a list of illnesses. It is a long term process requiring cost of storage. It's one perspective of stem cell treatment.


What to eat to increase blood?

Kaju, anjeer, sprouts, beetroots, carrots, tomatoes, gud chikki, liver, mutton, eggs. If diet doesn't help then there's injection.


What is weight of fetus at 7th month?

1- 1.25 kg


Which medications are safe in pregnancy?

No medicine of any kind is to be taken without your gynaecologist's prescription. You should not even take iron tablets in the first trimester without your gynaecologist's prescription.


I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I'm experiencing sweating in the feet and unable to sleep at night.

It's due to the hormonal changes.


What is thalassemia minor? Does it cause harm to baby?

Thalassemia minor is a condition in which problems in red blood cells arise. Doctors give small dose of hemoglobin to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Basically such women are not given iron tablets. If both parents are thalassemia minor then one of their babies can become thalassemia major and it is certainly detrimental. If only one parent has thalassemia minor then their baby can become a carrier.


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