The Must-have shopping checklist before your baby arrives!

Here's what you need to buy for the baby's first six weeks!

During pregnancy, I would always wonder why we have to wait for 40 weeks for the baby's arrival. Probably it is nature's way to give us time to be prepared for the most momentous moment of our lives, when our little bundle of joy will be in the mother's arms and nothing else in the world will seem important thereafter.


Your stay in the hospital is going to be short and after that you would be on our own. To make a smooth transition from the hospital to home, you need to be well organized. Traditionally, some communities in India believe that one should not buy anything for the baby before the baby is born. In case you are of the same view, maybe you could take some time out to just prepare a list of everything you need for the baby. This must include the sources and brands too and tuck it aside safely. Once your baby is born, someone could help you with buying, as per your choices.

Here is a ready reckoner, which you may find useful. This is an exhaustive list - some items on the list are necessity while some others are just good to have, the call is yours. Go ahead and enjoy your preparation!



You might either like to have a separate nursery for the baby, or want to make arrangement in your existing setup; you have to make space either ways.

• Cot/bassinet/cribs
• Mattress
• Mattress protector
• Furnishings(Fitted sheets, blankets, bumpers)
• Cot Tidy
• Nappy Stacker
• Changing table/mat
• Dresser/drawers
• Wardrobes
• Hangers
• Baby monitor
• Nursing chair
• Musical mobile
• Infant Swing
• Nursing pillow


Car seats are not mandatory in India but it is a good buy as it makes travel for the baby comfortable and safe.
Also before you pick up that cute baby bag remember you are going to carry that bag and not your baby. The cute bag may look nice on its own but may not go well with your chic outfit! So invest in a design that's spacious, comfortable as well as suits your persona.

• Baby Bag
• Pram
• Car Seat
• Sling



• Baby Bath Tub/Sponge
• Baby Towels
• Baby Nail scissors/ Nail clipper
• Baby Brush /comb
• Baby sponge and Face cloth
• Baby Shampoo
• Baby Lotion
• Baby Liquid Powder
• Baby Oil

Changing & Diapering

• Changing Mat
• Disposable Nappies
• Reusable Nappies
• Cotton balls
• Nappy disposable bags
• Nappy Cream
• Laundry bag for clothes
• Bin for Disposable Nappy
• Baby Wipes


• Nursing Bras
• Nursing tops
• Breast pads
• Breast Pump
• Muslin squares/Burp Clothes
• Breast Milk Storage bags
• Bottles
• Sterilizers
• Nipple Cream
• Formula
• Bottle brush
• Bottle warmer
• Bottle Carrier
• Bibs
• Disposable Bibs
• Bowl and Spoon (If you don't want to give formula in a bottle or for weaning later)


• Body Suit
• Sleep Wear
• Day wear Outfits
• Sweaters
• Booties
• Cap
• Socks
• Mittens
• Nappies/ Cloth diaper
• Soft Cotton Cloth (Baby bed linen)


Find a good Pediatrician
Line up help after Birth (maid/nanny/ extended family)
• Check for pet sitters or pet care centers for the pets (in case you have any)

This list should take care of the basics, so that you can enjoy the onboarding of your baby and regain your energies after childbirth, while finding everything you need, at an arm's distance.

In case you were looking for items to pack in your hospital bag, click here.


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