5 Baby Massage videos that you must see

5 Baby Massage videos that you must see

While many of us in India hire 'massage waalis' who massage mother and baby right from the first week of the child's life, some of us might want to learn the right techniques to do it ourselves! To help you, we put together some videos from YouTube which demonstrate it really well.


1.This one covers the positions, strokes, a bit about the oil and is easy to follow.



Welda massage video

Source: WeledaUK


2.This one shows a trainer do it on a doll while the mother does it on her baby and is really helpful to understand the strokes in great detail.



Infant massage techniques

Source: Isis Parenting


3.This is a video in Hindi and covers all basics too! Worth seeing to understand the Indian ways and context!


Source: 600AMC

Baby Massage and bath


4.It covers more about the benefits of massage and its strokes and also tells how to communicate with your baby during the massage.


Baby Massage DVD

Source: Garbhsanskar


5. The explanation in this is something that Indian mothers can correlate to!


Indian Baby Oil Massage and bathing procedure

Source: Pregnancy Care


So watch these videos and get started! Don't miss out on these magical moments of bonding…If anyone can do it best, it is you! Don't worry about the skill if you have the will…The techniques in these videos and your love will take over.

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