All You Need to Know about Baby Massage

All You Need to Know about Baby Massage

As a new parent, one of the most important things is to bond with your baby and what better way than a nice, soothing massage? But how to start? Which strokes are too hard for her or which oils to use? To help you with some of these answers, we have put together a few must-knows!


Let's start with a few benefits of baby massage:

1. Massages use the baby's first sensory stimulation, touch - which first started in the womb so that becomes a good point of connect with the mother!



2. It helps soothe an irritated and crying baby.

3. Aids any digestion problems, relieves gas and constipation.

4. Helps putting the infant to deeper and longer sleep! So if you have a baby which doesn't sleep well or long enough, massage is a must do!

5. Massages often oil to reduce friction, and they also enhance the sense of smell in the infant.

6. They serve as the best time for infants to make eye contact, which is one of the earliest forms of communication, with their caregivers. It also gives a chance to the parent to talk to the baby in peace.

7. Research by Milk&Co states that massages stimulate cognitive development - improves alertness and attentiveness.

8. It helps you in understanding your baby and how they communicate. You learn to read their likes, dislikes and emotions.


Now that you know why you must do it, let us head to a few tips on a fruitful session:

1. Choose a place that is comfortable, warm and not too bright. It can be the changing table, your bed (put a towel underneath to avoid oil stains on your comforter), even on the rug (use a towel there too).

2. Don't refrain from adding some calming music or even talking and singing to your baby.

3. Wash your hands and remove jewelry.


4. If you plan to use oil, try out Sleepy Bubs massage oil by Milk&Co – it is packed with all the good stuff to make those moments of bliss so much better. It is made with a combination of sunflower oil, rosehip oil, calendula oil and most of all, it has lavender which not only smells beautiful but helps in very dry skin. To test the oil, use it on a small spot and wait a day to make sure there's no irritation.

5. Massages are best done when your baby is awake and alert, and not when she is hungry, too full, sleepy or unwell.

6. Pay attention to your baby's cues, if they're not in the mood let them be. You don't have to always finish a full body massage; sometimes a good foot rub is all your baby needs.



7. Don't be overpowering or apply too much pressure, be gentle always.


The oil you use plays a very important role in baby massage.

1. It helps soothe tired limbs and muscles and also keeps your young one's skin nourished and supple. Coconut oil, for example, is great for sensitive skin and common skin problems like eczema, rashes, patchy skin, dermatitis and cradle cap.

2. Always opt for good brands and carry out an allergy check on a spot before you start using it regularly.

Now get back to your little one and put all that you have learnt to good use. :-)

Happy massaging!

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Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Milk & Co.

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