Hacks to Knowing your baby’s personality right!

Hacks to Knowing your baby’s personality right!

'He was so peaceful in the hospital, but now he cries ALL the time!' If that sounds familiar, then take heart in knowing that you aren't the only one who has struggled with managing a new born and their needs. A renowned book 'Secrets of the Baby Whisperer' by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau suggests that babies have different personalities. Once you figure that out, you will take the guess work out of looking after your new born baby!


Types of baby personalities:

The Angel Baby: As the name suggests, this is the baby we all see in the TV commercials and is truly angelic. She is the kind of baby who smiles and giggles and is just blissful. This type of baby is neither going to be alarmed by new surroundings nor is going to create a fuss while travelling from one place to another. She will nap, feed and change without too much fuss and is even capable of calming herself down with just a little snuggle and a song from you.


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The Textbook Baby: This sort of baby is fairly predictable doing the expected at different growth stages, and is quite easy to handle. She will eat like she is supposed to, sleep like she is expected to and will in general adhere to all the growth milestones that one reads about. This type of baby can keep himself occupied even in the early weeks after birth. Cooing and looking around when left alone is common for a textbook baby.


Source: dermatique.co.uk


The Touchy Bay: For a touchy baby, the world is full of sensory experiences. So every loud sound, or touch can be an unravelling experience. For these babies, quiet time is important. Touchy babies also tend to have a high suck reflex, but that doesn't mean she always needs to be fed; sucking on a pacifier if fussy even after a feed, can work just as well. When touchy babies have too much happening around them - many visitors, travel or an active day in general they are likely to get fussy, because they need peace and quiet more often and need more reassurance from people they know well – their mum and dad!


Source: cuddleme2.files.wordpress.com


The Spirited Baby: This baby knows her mind from day one. She seems to be born with a mind of her own and is not afraid to express herself. Such babies may come across as demanding or even a little aggressive, but they just need to communicate more often. They might express their discomfort more loudly than other babies and may have jerky body movements. Such babies need to be swaddled tightly before they fall asleep, as their own body movement might wake them


Source: photos.laineygossip.com


The Grumpy baby: The author suggests in her book that the grumpy baby is probably an old soul who is mad at the world. He will not smile or be particularly easy around bath times or new people. Feeding can be challenge with him too, because grumpy babies tend to be impatient and can't wait long enough to feel full during a feed. They also dislike being swaddled and can have long crying bouts. What parents of grumpy babies will need is - dollops of patience in order to deal with their baby's temperament.


Source: upload.wikimedia.org


We are sure you recognised your baby in these personality types somewhere didn't you? Now that you know the basic disposition of your child and how to connect with him, you will revel in the new things you discover about your bundle of joy every day!


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