Alia Bhatt Talks About Balancing Motherhood And Career, Says, “My Number One Priority Is My Daughter”

Alia Bhatt Talks About Balancing Motherhood And Career, Says, “My Number One Priority Is My Daughter”

1 Feb 2023 | 6 min Read

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She is undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses of Bollywood, and is currently enjoying a new phase in her life—motherhood. Alia Bhatt, the actor-producer who tied the knot with her longtime beau Ranbir Kapoor last year, welcomed their daughter, Raha in November. 

Since their baby’s arrival, the couple has been on cloud nine and are trying their best to spend the most time with their little sunshine. While the new mum is on maternity break right now, she recently made a special appearance at an event in Mumbai, where she interacted with media representatives, and opened up about balancing motherhood and career. She also revealed if she is going to take a step back from her career right now to focus on motherhood and her baby. Keep reading as we fill you in on other major deets from the interview.

Alia Bhatt Opens Up About Balancing Motherhood And Career for the First Time

When the star first revealed that she was pregnant, a lot of netizens reacted by saying that this was the end of her career, or her career is going to ‘slow down’ now. While Alia did not choose to react to the unnecessary banter at that point, she once and for all cleared the air about how she is going to maintain a balance between her work and her personal life.

During the interview, a journalist asked if it was true that her career has slowed down after her daughter’s arrival. To this, the actor responded, “It is possible.” In response, Varun Dhawan who accompanied the new mum at the event stated, “Alia will never slow down.”

Later, Alia explained in detail, “My number one priority in life right now is my daughter, who I deeply love. But my first love, as you can also say is my career—cinema and working. So I will try. Probably it will be quality over quantity for a while, which is not a bad thing.”

We laud Alia for being so open about the challenges of balancing career and motherhood. As a new mum, it’s obvious that she would like to spend the most time with her daughter, and maybe work on a lesser number of projects for some time. 

Juggling the responsibilities of your family and job is no easy feat, and while you might be excited to get back to work after your maternity break, you may find yourself stressed about managing things at home and looking after your baby. This can also take a toll on your body and cause a lot of mental and physical stress.

To make things a tad bit easier for you, we have rounded up some helpful tips and strategies that will help you balance work and your baby while keeping your sanity intact in the process.

5 Helpful Tips for Balancing Motherhood and Career

Motherhood And Career
Setting up a family calendar and sharing responsibilities can help you balance work as well as motherhood smoothly / Image credit: Pexels

Set Up a Family Calendar

Have only one family calendar in place with all the work schedules, commitments, and appointments to manage the chaos of family and work life. This way you will know at a glance what you need to do that particular day/week and how to look after your baby and get assistance from caregivers if needed. 

The calendar should also make clear your baby’s upcoming doctor appointments, vaccination schedule, and any other family events so that you are prepared beforehand and don’t feel overwhelmed with a huge number of tasks on that day.

Follow the Mantra of Dividing and Conquering

Sharing responsibilities can make all the difference and make things way easier for you and your partner. Coordinate child care arrangements and your schedule so that both of you get ample time to relax and spend valuable time with your little one as well as with each other.

Make Sure That You Have a Backup Babysitter in Place

Sometimes, even the most carefully laid plans can fall through. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a backup babysitter, a family member, or a close friend who can watch over your little one in case of an emergency.

Additionally, interact with fellow mums around your neighbourhood who can look after your munchkin for a while, and vice-versa.

Make Your Mornings as Smooth and Easy as Possible

Create a consistent morning routine for you, your baby, and your partner, and try to stick to it. This way you will know exactly what to do in the morning and before stepping out of your home for work. It will also keep you from losing much time fumbling around and reduce stress.

If possible, try to do some prep the night before, such as keep your and your baby’s clothes ready, pack lunches, and keep the bottles clean and sterilised to reduce your number of to-do’s in the morning.

Lastly, Take Care of Yourself

This can be tricky, especially when you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to devote to yourself. But as much as you would like to avoid personal care, the truth is that your health and well-being are key to maintaining a healthy balance both at work and on the personal front. 

So start scheduling events for yourself, even if that’s one hour per day, and stick to this ritual consistently. Once you get into the habit, you will see how healing and rejuvenating this time can be.

We appreciate Alia for starting such a positive conversation about balancing motherhood and career. Her response was apt, and we bet there are a lot of new mums who will relate to what she said. If you are a new mum and find balancing work and your baby challenging, go through the tips we discussed above and inculcate them into your daily routine. These tips will surely help take off your stress and also enhance your overall health and well-being. 

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