130 Indian Gender-Neutral Names For Babies With Meanings

130 Indian Gender-Neutral Names For Babies With Meanings

19 Oct 2022 | 5 min Read

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There are many reasons why you can consider picking a gender-neutral name for your little one. You may believe that it may help prevent sexism or gender stereotypes in your child’s future, or you may just like the idea of a gender-fluid name. Whatever your reason may be, you will be happy to know that recently, gender-neutral names have been topping the baby name charts and are the most preferred by parents worldwide.

Moreover, gender-neutral names are quite trendy and unique and will help your child stand out in school and other spaces in the future. To make things easier for you, we have curated a unique set of gender-neutral names for your little one with meanings. Take a look at them to pick the ideal title that suits your munchkin’s personality and traits.

List Of Gender-neutral Names For Babies

List Of Gender-neutral Names For Babies
Check out this list of trending gender-fluid names for babies with unique meanings / Image credit: Pexels
Gender-neutral Names For Babies Meanings Of Gender-neutral Names For Babies 
AbhayaThe one who isn’t afraid
AmulyaThe name means priceless
AftanSomeone who is intellectual, powerful, charming, and poise
AgamaniA unique sone which is priceless
AlbelDifferent, unique
ArshaPrayer ceremony from the Rishis
AvarnaOne who has a loving and fun nature
AshwiniSomeone who is wealthy
BalaSmall child
BilwaAn auspicious fruit
BivadiName of a place. Variation of Bhiwadi, a city in India
BhavyaSomeone who is composed
BhanuVirtuous, beautiful
ChailaA charming and handsome young individual
ChaitalThe one who has sharp memory
ChaithraFirst month of the spring season
ChandThe moon
CharuDivine and good-looking
CharulA charming being
ChelamA beloved one
DahanaA powerful Rudra
DalbirA soldier
DevyaThe name means divine power
DevaDivine and spiritual being
DilberA lover and a romantic person
DhaniSomeone who is wealthy
EkamSolitary, spirituality
GiyanThe name means brilliant
GeetA divine song, melody
GiaanroopSomeone personified with spiritual wisdom
GirishaGod of the mountain, one of the many names of Lord Shiva
GudduFlower, sweet
GunjanHumming of the bees
GunvinderThe Guru of India is generally called Gunvinder
GurchetOne who always follows the teachings of Guru
GurdeepRadiance of Guru and brightness
GulabThe name means flower
HarjotGod’s light
HarmeetFriends of God
HarshaDelight, joy
HemaLike a dew drop
HimadriHimalaya mountains
HitikaThe name means morning
IdenyaSomeone who is praiseworthy
JasbirA victorious hero
JaspinderThe Lord’s glory
JaspreetThe one who sings the praises of the Lord
JhankarThe one who says something in a low and soft voice
JinalSomeone who is good-natured
JoostThe one who is blessed with the grace of God
JuailThe one who love everlast
JyesthaThe name means the eldest
KahaliThe one who is mischievous
KanchanThe name means shining and bright
KamalnayanThe Lord with Lotus-sharp eyes
KanakThe golden one
KananGarden. Or forest
KeertiA famous person
KhorshedThe sun is shining
KinjalThe banks of the river
KiranThe name means a ray of light
KrishnaRefers to Lord Krishna
KusumaLike a flower
KvanaA poem
LahariThe name means wave
LavanyaThe name means good-looking
LakshanyaThe one who achieves every goal
Lochan The one who sees
MadhavaThe one who s born in the spring season
MadhupushpaThe name means a horizon
ManatThe one who believes in fate
ManavdeepThis name means the lamp of the mind
ManjitA person who can control the mind
ManpreetThe one who has pretty eyes
ManviThe one with the best qualities
MeharpreetThe one who loves God
MeherThe name means benevolence
NayanishThe name means the boundary of the multitude
NehalThe one who is smart-looking
NekThe one who is rich in wisdom and knowledge
NeshamThe name means blissful and cheerfulness
NibalThe mark that indicates the direction
NiharaThe steep descent of a river or waterfall
NijThe name means by his own
NimayThe name translates to the natural steam of water
NityaThe one who is forever
NoshiHoneyed, sugary
PajikaThe name means a pond of lotus
PakkiriA happy go lucky individual
PaniThe name means Lord Vishnu
PanikaPowerful hands
PavniRefers to Lord Hanuman
PeraniThe one who is expressive and idealistic in nature
PragnyaA famous scholar
PragunSomeone who is honest and straightforward
PurahanThe name means a complete person
PurnaA person who is generous with food
PushpamA person with lotus-like eyes
RajasiA person who is full of passion
RajniThe name means night
RamanThe one who likes to please others
RanjanEnjoyment or pleasure
RatnoThe name means a jewel-like person
RitiA cherished memory
RoshanThe name means brightnes of the light
RudraConsort of Lord Shiva
SaanjhThe name means evening
SabrangA rainbow
SadhnaThe one who practices a lot
SahojThe one who is strong
SahuriThe name means the sun and the earth
SaminThe one who is self-disciplined
SamitThe one who is collected
SamskaraThe one who values ethics
SanabhiThe name means content
ShvetaA lovable woman
SonaryThe one who comes from the Sonari district in India
SubramaniamThe one who is a worthy jewel
SudarshanaThe name means a person who is beautiful inside-out
SutraA Sanskrit word meaning thread or string
TaajThe one who is crowned
TanmayaA person who is absorbed or consumed in thoughts
TuliRefers to a brush that is used to paint
VedyaThe one who is knowledgable
VajraThe one who is strong and powerful
YakshaA representative of God


We are sure that by now you will already have a bunch of favourites aming these gender-neutral names for babies. So, take out your notebook and pen, and list down your most-liked names. Then, sit with your partner to discuss the best title for your little one. Happy name-hunting parents!

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