90+ Unique Goddess Durga Names For Baby Girls

90+ Unique Goddess Durga Names For Baby Girls

24 May 2023 | 3 min Read

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Goddess Durga is the epitome of supreme power and embodies the limitless capabilities of women. She is also the destroyer of evil forces and the protector of the universe. If you are a devout worshipper of Goddess Durga and if her brave acts inspire and interest you, then you should definitely check out this list of unique Goddess Durga names for baby girls and their meanings. 

Read on to explore our list of some of the best Goddess Durga names that reflect courage and determination and the fierceness of the deity. 

90+ Unique Goddess Durga Names For Baby Girls

Goddess Durga Names

Browse through this list of baby names inspired by Goddess  Durga for your baby girl / Image credit: Freepik

Goddess Durga Names For Baby GirlsMeaning Of Goddess Durga Names For Baby Girls
AadyaPrimeval or first
AishaniGoddess of strength
AnantaOne who is immeasurable and infinite
AnikaAnother name for Goddess Durga, meaning brilliance or graceful
AnnapurnaGid of nourishment and food
AnwithaPowerful or surrounded by glory
AparajitaOne who can’t be destroyed
AparnaAnother name for Goddess Durga
BaruniRefers to the power of Varuna
BhargaviCharming or beautiful
BhavaniMother of the Universe
BhaviniThe beautiful one
BhavyaGrand or attractive
BhuvaneshwariRuler of the worlds
DakshayaniDaughter of Daksh
DhritiCourageous or joyful
GayatriChant of salvation
GautamiOne who removes darkness
GirijaBorn of a mountain. Also, another name for Goddess Parvati
GirishaRuler of the mountains
GyanaEmbodiment of knowledge
IshaOne who protects
IshiAnother name for Goddess Durga
JayantiCelebration or victory
KamakshiGoddess of fertility
KamakyaGranter of wishes
KaralikaThe one who tears
KatyayiniOne of the main forms of Goddess Durga
KujaRefers to Goodess Durga
KalyaniAuspicious or lovely
KanyakaIn the words of Goddess Durga
KaushikiOne who is enveloped in silk
LokeshwariQueen of the world
MahamayaAnother word for Goddess Durga
MahashwetaRefers to Goddess Durga’s strength
MahatiGreatness or honour
MaheshwariOne who is beloved by Lord Shiva
MahodariAnother name for Goddess Durga
MeenakshiOne who has fish-like eyes
MaliniOne who wears a garland
ManasviniOne who resides in everyone’s minds
NityaEternal or always
NiranjanaNight of the full moon
NiyatiSupreme power or fortune
PrakrutiThe form of Goddess Durga present in nature
ParameshwariThe embodiment of holiness and purity
PrasannaPleased or cheerful
ParvatiDaughter of the mountains
PrabhaGlow or light
PuralaThe guardian of fortresses
RevatiProsperity and wealth
RimaThe Goddess of strength
RudraniConsort of Lord Shiva
SadhanaFulfillment or long practice
ShailajaDaughter of the mountain king
SarbaniAnother name for Goddess Durga
SarvaniUniversal or complete
SattvikiSymbol of purity
SaumyaAuspicious or lovely
ShailaOne who lives in the mountains
ShaktiEnergy or strength
ShambhaviWife of Shiva
SharanyaDivine protector
ShashwatiEternal or forever
ShatakshiOne with a hundred eyes
The beauty of Goddess DurgaAnother name for Goddess Durga
ShivapriyaLoved by Shiva
ShylaOne who lives in the mountains
SutadaGranter of wishes
TanisiThe most beautiful one
TapasviniOne who is engaged in penance
TraritiAgile and swift
TribhuvaniQueen of three  universes
TvaritaAnother name for Goddess Durga
ToshaniSatisfying, appeasing
UmaTranquility, or splendour
VaishnaviOne who is invincible
VamikaAnother name for Goddess Durga
VanadurgaGoddess of the forests
VarahiAnother name for Goddess Durga
VimalaUntarnished or pure
VishalakshiBeauty of Goddess Durga
YogeshwariOne who controls the strength of yoga


These Goddess Durga names for baby girls reflect grace, purity, and infinite power. Each name has a unique touch and carries profound meanings. Hence, make sure to understand the significance of each name before picking the perfect title for your little princess.

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