Sex During Pregnancy: All You Need To Know

Sex During Pregnancy: All You Need To Know

3 Mar 2022 | 4 min Read

Sudeshna Chakravarti

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Many expecting couples wonder if it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy. They believe that sexual activities or orgasms might harm their unborn child, cause miscarriage, or induce early labour. However, The American Pregnancy Association states that sex is completely safe in all trimesters unless your gynaecologist suggests avoiding it. 

Is it Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Unborn babies are well-protected by the cervical plug, which helps guard against infections, and the amniotic fluid inside the womb. Therefore, be rest assured that sex will not harm them. Your healthcare provider may suggest avoiding sexual intercourse, only if you are dealing with pregnancy complications or other health concerns. 

How does Pregnancy Affect your Sex Life?

Your sex drive may change throughout pregnancy

Your desire for sex may change throughout the course of pregnancy with hormonal and physical changes. Here are some common sex drive changes that you may experience during the different stages of pregnancy:

First Trimester: During the first trimester, physical changes, such as an increase in breast size and fluctuating hormone levels can make you feel better than ever. However, the discomforts of the first trimester, like nausea, fatigue, breast soreness, and frequent urge to pee, can make you less interested in sex.

Second Trimester: As the discomforts of the first trimester begin to fade, several women begin to feel better by this time. In fact, some women have a higher sex drive during their second trimester than they did before pregnancy. And as blood flow to the genitals increases, orgasms happen more easily.

Third Trimester: Yes, you can have sex till the last day of your pregnancy, unless your OB/GYN recommends you otherwise. However, towards the end of your pregnancy, you might feel overwhelmed with the thoughts of childbirth and lose interest in sex. Moreover, as your belly grows, it might get uncomfortable for you. 

What are The Benefits of Having Sex during Pregnancy?

Having sex during pregnancy can benefit you in more than one way.

You will be surprised to know about the benefits of sex during pregnancy. Some of the benefits include:

  • It helps strengthen your emotional bond with your partner
  • During pregnancy, the blood flow to the genitals increases, resulting in better orgasms. 
  • It helps burn calories, keeping you and your partner fit
  • Orgasms release endorphins, which can help regulate your mood and boost happiness.
  • Post-coital relaxation will help you sleep better

What are the Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy?

The sex positions that are usually preferred by couples may be a tad bit uncomfortable or unsafe during pregnancy. Here are some safe sex positions that are recommended:

  1. Spooning

This position is helpful in lowering pressure on the belly. In this position, the woman needs to lie sideways and her partner can lie behind her. 

  1. Woman on Top

This is a comfortable position for a woman as it helps her manage the speed. It also helps in taking off the pressure from the belly.

  1. Woman on the Partner’s Lap

The partner’s body supports the woman in this position, without adding any pressure on her belly.

  1. Woman on all Fours

In this position, you have to support yourself on your elbows or palms and knees to reduce pressure placed on the belly. However, this position may get uncomfortable as your pregnancy progresses.

Since a woman’s genitalia is more sensitive during pregnancy, we suggest lubricated condoms or water-based lubricants that prevent discomfort during intercourse.

When Should you Avoid having Sex During Pregnancy?

In certain cases, your medical practitioner may suggest you avoid having sex during pregnancy. It could be due to the following reasons:

  • Cervical incompetence, where the cervix opens prematurely
  • Issues with the cervix that can lead to miscarriage or induce an early labour
  • If you are pregnant with twins
  • If you have a history of going into premature labour
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Placenta previa, a condition where the placenta entirely or partially covers the entrance to the cervix
  • If your water has broken
  • Leaking amniotic fluid

While sex during pregnancy is safe and does not harm the baby, some couples may still not be on the same page regarding it. It’s best to discuss safety measures with your doctor and follow the tips that are recommended. 



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