Sex During Pregnancy: Are Cramps And Contractions Normal?

Sex During Pregnancy: Are Cramps And Contractions Normal?

16 Aug 2022 | 4 min Read

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If you hadn’t known yet, cramps don’t end when you stop having your periods. The nine months of pregnancy bring all the little pains and aches. You might also get cramps in your back, legs, and abdominal area which can happen after sex during pregnancy too.

Is It Normal To Get Cramps After Orgasm Or Sex During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is normal and sometimes post-sex cramps in your abs and groin area can also have spotting. There can also be a little extra blood flow. However, you need not feel worried about it. But do consult with your doctor for reassurance.

Reasons For Cramping After Sex During Pregnancy

Cramping after sex during pregnancy can happen because of these reasons-

  • Hormones present in semen are referred to as prostaglandins that induce cramps, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Cramping that may feel like contractions during or after orgasm in low-risk pregnancy usually happens due to the increased blood flow to the abdominal area. The natural changes that make your cervix more sensitive during pregnancy can also be the cause.
  • Implantation can also cause menstrual-like cramps.
  • Only in a few rare cases, cramps after sex may actually be signs of labour contractions. The cramps in this scenario can feel painful enough and can be accompanied by blood flow that won’t stop. This might indicate something more serious such as miscarriage, early labour or even ectopic pregnancy. Talk to your doctor right away if this happens.
cramps after sex during pregnancy
Cramps after sex during pregnancy are common due to the rush of blood to the uterus / Credit – Canva


How to manage cramping and contractions after sex during pregnancy?

After orgasm, you may experience uncomfortable cramps in your groin because your body sends a rush of blood to your uterus. However, you need not put pressure on your body.

Let your body recover with some rest until the discomfort passes. A warm bath or a nap can also make women feel relief more quickly.

However, if you see that your cramps and contractions keep getting worse and are building up, check in with your doctor immediately to ensure your symptoms aren’t a sign of something serious.

How do I prevent cramping and contractions after sex during pregnancy?

If the cramps and contractions after orgasm are too much to bear, skip the foreplay. You may find that skipping foreplay without the climax is just also enjoyable, especially if it doesn’t leave you in recovery mode afterwards.

Using a condom or withdrawal method can also help if the prostaglandins in semen are worsening the cramp. It can thus help prevent discomfort next time.

cramps after orgasm
Cramps after orgasm begin to feel better after a while however fever needs a doctor’s advice/ Credit – Canva

When should I visit a doctor if I am having cramps after sex during pregnancy?

Cramps after sex are generally normal at any stage of pregnancy, even if the expecting mum has never experienced cramps after sex before that.

However, in some cases, it could indicate that something is wrong. Call your doctor immediately if you experience cramps along with any of these other symptoms:

  • Fever or chills
  • Painful headaches
  • Heavy bleeding or spotting, that doesn’t subside
  • Changes in vision
  • Pain or burning sensation during urination
  • Dizziness 
  • More than four contractions in one hour and cramps that are painful enough to make you double over, as these may be signs of labour

Contractions and cramps after sex during pregnancy are normal until you have complications in your pregnancy and the pain does not subside. You need not worry about the cramps after orgasm and can enjoy them until you are comfortable.

DISCLAIMER: We have taken steps to check the accuracy of the information & practices shared above; however, it is not a replacement for a doctor’s opinion. Please check with either your doctor, or an expert, before trying any suggestion, practice, or medication mentioned here.

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