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Your Search for the Best Day Care in Goregaon East, Mumbai is now over Every parent wants to give their child the very best. And the thought of “who will care for my little one in my absence?” can send any parent in a frantic frenzy. Keeping this in mind, the day care industry in India is rapidly growing, however, as parents our worries are far from over. Here’s low-down on things you need to know to make an informed decision about your kiddos child care need. WHAT IS A DAY CARE CENTER Simply put, a good day care center is a place where a child is looked after by a person who is neither the child’s parent nor the legal guardian. Out of 10, at least 4 new moms/ dads have themselves been cared for at a day care as children. A large percentage of our mom community wants to care for their child themselves, hire in-house nannies, or depend on arrangements with family, relatives, neighbours and friends. However for those parents living in a nuclear family set up across Indian metros, a good day care/ crèche/ childcare center is the trusted option when the family isn’t around. TYPES OF DAY CARE Primarily there are two types of day-care/ child care centers: Group Day Care, which are licensed and usually run like a school with semi academic activities, meal times, nap time etc. Here kids of varying ages are cared for in groups. The other type is the Home Day Care-this is run out of the service providers’ home where the care provider cares for her own children at the same time. It is important to know that some Home Day Care providers may have received training, there are several who are not. DAY CARE REGULATIONS IN INDIA How many of you are aware that the government of India has set strong guidelines for those running day care centers across the country. Here’s a gist of what the day care centers have to follow: - It is mandatory for daycare centers to maintain a staff-kids ratio and space-child ratio among various others conditions. - A maximum of 30 kids can be accommodated in a classroom measuring 35 sqm. - First aid services, safe drinking water, child friendly toilets, caregiver-student ratio for children aged between 3-6 years is of 2:10 and for those younger than three is 1:10 As a parent you have already set a pattern, daily schedule for your child to best suit his/ her and your day. And when you plan to send your little one to a child care in Goregaon East, Mumbai , you are sure to contemplate if your child is going to get the comfort of home there as well. It is to help you make this decision where we come into the picture. BabyChakra has a list of mom-reviewed Day Care Centers in Goregaon East, Mumbai and nothing like knowing what other moms feel about a day care in the city.