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Nanny Agencies in Lower Parel, Mumbai I am a stay-at-home and I hired a nanny! Let’s dig the dagger a wee bit deeper… I am a working mom and I hired a nanny to look after my toddler while I am away! Don’t judge! It’s okay to have a Nanny and there is nothing wrong in asking for help. Having said that allowing an unknown person into your home and trusting her to take care of your child can be an unsettling experience. Here is a 10 point plan on how you can make things easy... 1. Make a list: A nanny list will help in shortlisting candidates. Jot down qualities that you would want a nanny to have. 2. Set a budget: There is no doubt that hiring help today is an expensive affair, so decide how much are you willing to shell out. Check what is the rate nannies in your locality in Mumbai are charging. Consider negotiations by offering more paid days and holidays. 3. Get the word out: The process of hiring a good nanny is best done through better communication. 4. Narrow down: Use your instinct while talking to the candidate/ Nanny Agency. If you hear things like.. “I have done…..”, “We provide…” chances are the approach will be more commercial than real. You want a nanny to be interested in looking after your child and not just in negotiating salary. 5. Cold Call: In your first call consider, Did she answer in the first ring? Did she answer while on duty elsewhere? Did she sound preoccupied? If she missed your call, did she return your call later? After how long? 6. The interview: We would want to introduce the child/children at this point, but conduct the interview without the chaos, and focus on the nanny candidate. Discuss how she would manage tantrums, fussy eating habits, falls, scrapes etc. 7. References: She might give you references, but go beyond and ask for references of neighbours, doctors etc. 8. Make a contract: Most Nanny Agencies work this way. Read the contract offered and make sure you have understood points on vacation, paid holidays, overtime etc. 9. Make the offer: When you finally make the offer lay out hours, benefits, vacation time, pay cuts etc in black-n-white for your candidate to review. 10. Random Check-ins: Now that your nanny has entered your house don’t hesitate to make random work-from-home plans, or a sudden “I am home early” schedules to check on how things are going.