How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 7

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 7

Week 7 brings a bunch of new developments in your baby and they are all crucial! Here is a step by step breakdown of how week 7 transpires for your baby and how you can cruise through this phase...

Your baby is now growing rapidly and has doubled in size since the last week. She/he now measures half an inch. Her/his body, has little paddle-like limb buds which resemble arms and legs and has, what appears to be a tail which is slowly supposed to shrink and evolve into the tailbone!

Your little one’s brain is now growing and so are the other internal organs. The  liver is now  producing red blood cells and the pancreas and  the appendix have also formed. Your baby also has eyes now and by the end of this week, her eyelids will begin to form too!


Signs and Symptoms

At this point, nausea strikes and is at its peak! In most cases however, it settles in the next six to eight weeks. Few moms feel nauseous all through pregnancy. Some women are lucky enough to not experience any nausea at all!

At this stage you will frequent the washroom and pee more than usual but that is no reason to reduce your fluid intake! Make sure you keep yourself hydrated as it is aids digestion and maintains amniotic fluid levels.

Try sipping on fresh lime juice, chaas or tender coconut water to increase your nutrient intake as well.


Physical Development

Your uterus has now doubled in size and you might feel a small bulge in your lower abdomen. To the rest of the world, you are still not showing. Shh...your baby is still your little secret!

It’s important to make the most of your doctor’s appointments and ask as many questions to help clear your doubts and concerns! Take your partner, mother or mother-in-law with you for these visits, so that someone in the family is in loop about your pregnancy’s progress.


Emotional Changes

You might constantly feel apprehensive about your baby’s growth till your next scan. It’s natural to be worried but don’t be too anxious! It’s important for you to relax if you want a happy pregnancy. Assure yourself and your growing baby that everything is just fine!


Red Flags

Don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you experience bleeding or spotting, pain in the lower abdomen or fever. It is best, not to resort to self medication as this may have adverse effects on your growing baby. Check with your doctor before you take any kind of medication and this includes over-the-counter pills and syrups.


Old Wives’ Tales

If you don’t suffer from morning sickness or nausea, people might tell you that your pregnancy is abnormal, making you worry about your baby. This however is a complete myth! No morning sickness only means that your body is able to handle hormonal changes better than the others. Rejoice!


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