Your Child's Daily Dose of Vital Nutrients Guaranteed, With Pediasure!

Just one more roti. Alright, half a roti more then. Two more bites of sabzi. Fine, just one more then. Just half a katori dal? At least one spoon? Doesn’t this conversation sound familiar? If you are the mom of a growing child, then this is probably a chat you have everyday.


And your little one has probably mastered the art of negotiation to the ‘t’ by now and knows exactly how to drive a hard bargain. And you keep worrying about your growing child’s unfulfilled nutritional needs day in and out. And all those vital nutrients that s/he is not getting every day.


Did you wish for a solution to take those worries away? And what if it comes highly recommended, from experts? Guess what? Your wish came true and in a slurrpy, tasty avatar! Enter PediaSure Cookies & Cream! The perfect combination for ensuring your growing child's vital nutrient requirements!



And when is a good time to sneak in this yummy but power-packed dose of nutrition?

Alongside morning breakfast, when those hunger pangs strike in the evening or just before bedtime. What your child may have missed on in terms of nutrition through the day, taken care of in just one glass!   


PediaSure is loaded with 37 vital nutrients that help in providing balanced nutrition that in turn aids growth.



And if you are feeling creative, you could even try your hand at recipes that include PediaSure, just like these BabyChakra moms!


Apple Badam Suji Kheer With A Pediasure Twist! - By Pragya Singh Chaudhary


Summer Special: Yummy Quick Breakfast Recipe For Kids! - By Samidha Mathur 


 Nutritious Food Can Be Yummy & Tasty Too! - By Maria Abdul 


Have you tried out PediaSure Cookies and Cream yet? Bid goodbye to days of worry and say hello to nutrition that tastes good!


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If you are reluctant to incorporate an enhancement in your youngster's eating routine, there are different choices to build supplement quality or calories. To expand calories, incorporate an extra solid nibble in the day or join higher-calorie sustenance wealthy in nutrients and minerals, similar to avocado or Greek yogurt, with suppers and tidbits. In the event that a wholesome beverage is viewed as just for the nutrients and minerals, talk about incorporating a multivitamin with your youngster's doctor and empowering an assortment of nourishment's in your kid's eating regimen.

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