Month 9: Exercises For Normal Delivery

Month 9: Exercises For Normal Delivery

Pregnancy exercise for normal delivery has always been advised by doctors to increase the  chances of a natural delivery. Exercising throughout pregnancy also provides health benefits and helps build immunity for you and your baby.


Exercise for natural birth


The American Pregnancy Association recommends that healthy pregnant women should exercise around 30 minutes each day.



Walking is a fun and relaxing exercise that can be engaged in by all  women in the last month of their pregnancy. It is safe even for women who have not exercised throughout their pregnancy. Begin with small walks of 10 minutes twice a day instead of trying to walk for 30 minutes without a break. Be sure not to overdo any exercise when you are pregnant.


Women who had an active lifestyle before pregnancy and were jogging or running throughout their pregnancy can continue to jog in their last month. You should go slower than usual and make sure not to run to the point of exhaustion.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga for normal delivery or prenatal yoga is recommended by doctors to almost all expectant mothers. Yoga is considered to be a low-intensity exercise routine that relaxes the expectant mother during this time of physical and emotional change. Prenatal yoga increases body strength and flexibility and strengthens the muscles for the process of delivery.


If you begin yoga in the last month of your pregnancy, then it is important that you begin under the guidance of a qualified and experienced teacher. If you are in any pain or discomfort, report it immediately to your instructor and doctor and discontinue the exercise.


Exercise during 9th month of pregnancy for normal delivery helps expectant mothers reduce their chances of cesarean delivery and greatly reduces the discomfort and pain of labor. It keeps the mother and child healthy, boosts the fitness levels of the mothers, and physically prepares them for the challenging job of motherhood.


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