The Health Benefits Of Drinking Jeera Water During Pregnancy

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Jeera Water During Pregnancy

Jeera is one of the most common spices in the country. People use it to add flavor to food. Be it a sabji or a meat-based curry, cumin seeds are a part of most Indian recipes. While it makes the dish tastier, jeera also has multiple health benefits. Hence, besides adding it to food, it's also recommended that one should drink jeera water on a daily basis. Jeera water, in fact, works wonders for pregnant women. Check out the reasons why every expecting mom must add this beverage to her diet.


Say Bye-Bye To Stomach Cramps


Bloating and cramps are very common during pregnancy. Jeera water is a powerful painkiller as it reduces stomach ache.


Aids Digestion


An imbalance of acids in the body can cause an upset stomach and gastritis. Jeera provides strength to intestine muscles and prevents acid reflux and heartburns within the body.


Boosts Immunity


Since cumin seeds are rich in iron and fiber, consumption of its water can be very effective in fighting diseases or infections within the body. 


Cure For Gestational Diabetes


This medicinal water is a good source to prevent diabetes in expecting women who never had a history with gestational diabetes and imbalanced blood sugar.


Supports The Respiratory System


It creates a positive effect on the respiratory tract.  A mom-to-be should ideally begin her day with a glass of jeera water to eliminate cough and cold-related issues.


Regularizes Blood Pressure


A spike in blood sugar levels can negatively the expecting mom and her baby. Jeera is filled with potassium, which helps regulate the smooth blood flow across the vessels.


Energy Booster


Jeera water replenishes the body in case of slow metabolism. So, if you are feeling tired or sluggish, you know what to do.


Good For Liver Health


Cumin increases heat across the entire body, thus increasing metabolism. It also helps in getting rid of toxins from the intestine.


Treats Anemia


Pregnant women are prone to anemia because their bodies have to work hard to supply blood for both the mother and the baby. The iron present in water can increase the blood supply, and help the body to recover from exhaustion due to the lack of hemoglobin.


Method To Prepare Jeera Water


Measure 3 tablespoons of jeera and 1  and a half liter of water. Boil the water and cumin seeds together for close to five minutes. Strain the water and let it cool for about 30 minutes. While the water can be refrigerated, it's best to prepare it fresh every day.


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