All About Normal Delivery

All About Normal Delivery

I'm Dr. Seemi Siddiqui and I'm here to answer queries on normal delivery.


What can be done to reduce pain during normal delivery?

You can ask for epidural anaesthesia to reduce the pain.


I'm 6 months pregnant and wanted to know if grapes are safe to eat during pregnancy.

Yes. They are a healthy choice.


What should be done for  normal delivery?

Along with health, you also need to be mentally prepared.


I'm 9 weeks pregnant. What should I do regularly for a normal delivery?

Lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Take iron and calcium supplements regularly.


I'm 36 weeks pregnant. When will I go into labour?

It is not yet time. There will be several indicators of labour like discharge and pain. Stay calm and practice breathing.


I'm 7 months pregnant. My first baby was a breech baby but was still delivered normally. This time again baby is in breech position. Can I deliver normally?

Each pregnancy is different. It's too early to give a conclusive opinion. There's still time for baby's head to be engaged.


What are the reasons for swollen feet?

Low haemoglobin and high blood pressure are some reasons. Sometimes it also occurs because of blood stagnation. It's nothing to worry about. Take adequate rest.


I'm 5 months pregnant. How should I prepare for normal delivery?

Physical and mental preparedness is important. Don't be scared of the pain as there are medicines to reduce the pain.


My first born was delivered through C-section. Can I deliver normally this time?

If the reasons for previous cesarean still persist then it's best to go ahead with the surgery. If your health and baby's health permit you can go for normal delivery.


I'm 7 months pregnant and experiencing severe back pain.

Pain occurs because curvature of backbone changes. Apply analgesic ointment or spray. Take sufficient calcium.


I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have piles. Will it affect normal delivery?

Consume plenty of high fibre foods and water. There should be no constipation or bleeding close to due date.


My 9th month is already over. When will I go into labour?

You can easily wait for 7 days. Doctor will advise.


Does epidural anaesthesia affect mother or baby?

No. It is completely safe and has no side effects.


What exercises to do for normal delivery?

Walking and squatting are important exercises. Along with exercise proper diet is also important for strength.


I experience pain in back while sleeping.

Sleep on your left side. Avoid sleeping on back.


I'm 3 months pregnant and experiencing nausea.

Ensure you are consuming adequate liquids. Also take ORS to rehydrate the body. Eat small meals frequently. Include fresh fruits in your diet.


What to do for painless delivery?

Sometimes labour can be as long as 2 days and sometimes it can be a few hours or minutes. Prepare yourself to face it. There will be some pain. There medicines to lessen it.


I'm 31 weeks pregnant and have a low lying placenta. Is it possible to have normal delivery?

If it is too low then normal is not possible as there is risk of excess bleeding.


I'm 32 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound of the 30th week showed baby in breech position.

There's still time for the baby to turn.


Is cervical stitch necessary?

If cervical length is sufficient then it is not required.


Scans showed that amniotic fluid is more and the cord is around baby's neck.

Due to more fluid, baby moves around more getting entangled. As long as the heartbeat is regular it can be a normal delivery.


I'm experiencing lower abdomen pain in my second month.

It is a normal experience which occurs because of stretching of uterus. If pain is unbearable ask doctor for medicines.


I'm 9 months pregnant. When should I do my next sonography?

A sonography should be done in 36th week to check liquid and baby's position.


I'm 6 weeks pregnant. What should my diet be?

Eat healthy, balanced diet. Include lean meat and eggs in your diet. If you are vegetarian then substitute it with paneer and curd.


I'm 9 months pregnant what exercises should I practice?

Squatting and light exercises should be practiced under guided supervision. Also take short walks.


My thyroid level is slightly high. Is normal delivery possible?

Yes, it is possible.


I'm 6 months pregnant and have low lying placenta and short cervix.

Cervical stitches may be required to avoid preterm delivery.


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