Gestational Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Gestational Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


Gestational diabetes is a health condition during pregnancy in which your blood sugar level goes up. Although it is not a typical scenario, around 11% of women are affected by gestational diabetes in India.
There are two types of Gestational diabetes- Class A1 and Class A2. Pregnant women can manage class A1 diabetes through a healthy diet and exercise, but those with Class A2 diabetes need to take insulin and other medications prescribed by the doctor.

As its name implies, gestational diabetes goes away after childbirth, but it can affect your child’s health and increase the chance of getting Type 2 diabetes in the future. However, you can adopt specific steps to keep you and your baby healthy.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Women with gestational diabetes do not report any unusual symptoms as diabetes comes out in routine blood tests. Still, there are some of the signs:

  • Feeling more hungry and eat more
  • Feeling thirstier than usual.
  • Frequent urination.

Gestational Diabetes Causes

During pregnancy, hormones build up glucose in your blood, and to manage it, your pancreas release sufficient insulin. But when your body cannot release the required amount of insulin, the blood sugar levels get up, resulting in gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Treatment

Women can well manage gestational diabetes with healthy lifestyle changes and a proper diet. Additionally, make exercise a habit. Keep track of your weight and baby’s development. Concerning the diet, pick healthy foods with low sugar. Avoid foods with added sugar like cookies, candy, ice cream. Instead, choose fruits with natural sugars. Keep a watch on your protein intake as well.

Eat a variety of foods that make your diet nutritionally balanced. Make sure the intake of Saturated fat is less than 10%. You may get a prescribed supplement for Vitamins and Minerals to fill the gap.

Staying fit and active is also vital during pregnancy. Follow good posture as it will further help you to manage backache during pregnancy. Moderate physical activity is suitable for a healthy pregnancy. It additionally lowers blood sugar levels too.

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