Helpful Tips for How to Get Baby to Sleep

Helpful Tips for How to Get Baby to Sleep

There is no second thought on the fact that babies look adorable when they sleep. They look so sweet and innocent. At the same time, being the parent, it is also worrying to see that baby cannot sleep peacefully at night.
You can ease your stress and better prepare to set your baby's sleep schedule by understanding which parts of their sleep routine are in your hands -- and which aren’t.

Understanding Baby’s Sleep Requirements

The initial 2-3 months for your newborn baby will surely be pretty challenging in terms of good night sleep. The reason is a newborn baby has to be breastfed every 2 hours. Moreover, babies do not understand the difference between day and night; Thus, they sleep for about 4 to 5 hours in a day and during the night, not even an hour! So they sleep with no regard for what time it is.
By 3 to 6 months, they start understanding the sleep schedule and can sleep at a stretch of 6 hours.

Set a Bedtime Routine

Make bedtime routine consistent. Even if your baby wakes up at night, the light and other environments should be the same as when they fell asleep. Keep baby’s bed clutter-free and comfortable. Some parents massage their babies, which helps their babies to calm down and relax.

Pick Comfortable Breastfeeding Position

When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, prefer to breastfeed your baby by side-lying breastfeeding position. Any other breastfeeding positions might wake your baby and further delay the sleep time.

Do not Wake Your Baby For Breastfeeding In the Middle of Sleep.

Most parents wake their baby for feeding purposes, making the baby irritable and cranky for the whole night. Therefore, if you see that your baby is sleeping comfortably at night, do not wake him forcefully. Instead, wait for his cues and signals.


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